GuildPortal FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GuildPortal Hosting

Q: My Members' In-game Accounts are Being Hacked! Is GP the problem?

We take reports of possible hacking very seriously. If you believe your players are having their actual gaming accounts hacked, please notify both GuildPortal and support for your game as soon as possible.

Since 2007, we have had no confirmed security breaches. When you report to us that your members are having their accounts hacked by malware, a worm, malicious script, or anything else on your site, we scan heavily with a suite of detection agents, to ensure we catch the most threats. Since 2007, every site with suspected hacking activity has come back clean and the problem was something else.

The usual culprits:
  • Community-type sites that the hacked members visit in common. Not so much the official game forums, but other sites you'd normally not consider. This includes sites that have tools for building out your character (with things such as skill trees/alternate advancement points, etc).
  • Visiting sites that trade in-game items or money for real cash. They're already in violation of the rules of the game -- why would they treat their interactions with the client any more ethically, especially when it's not something most of the clients of said services would freely want to admit participating in?
  • Don't forget other hosting sites you tried before coming to GP. We know players sometimes use the same user name and password for logging in here that they do in the games they play -- and we heavily discourage it -- and if you tried another host before GP, odds are they did the same thing there. This may sound like a cheap shot at other hosts (it's not -- we're not naming names or pointing fingers), but more than one of them has experienced recent security breaches thanks to SQL injection attacks.
  • Players sharing their account info with other players. It's just bad practice; don't do it!

Again, we treat reports of this kind with the highest priority and pursue them aggressively.