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4/18/2012 3:03 PM by Aaron Lewis

Going out today:

  • Authenticated RSS feeds (for the guilds that use them) have had their token system changed. You will need to update your links. 
  • Forum read/unread icons sometimes not displaying correctly should be fixed.
  • The Star Wars: The Old Republic server status widget has been updated to work with the changes they made to their site.
  • Blog links and posting are now working correctly.
Now, for the boo-boo. Yesterday, I put a trigger on the Shouts table of the database that fired when a new shout was entered. The idea was, it would take the oldest shouts over the count of 50 and delete them. Kind of a self-cleaning thing, for performance. Only, I pulled the ones to be deleted back in the wrong date order. The result was, the trigger ended up wiping the newest 50 shouts.

I'm very, very sorry about that.

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