Change Log

Recent GuildPortal Updates

3/12/2010 1:55 PM by Aaron Lewis

The Raid Point Standings widget has been given a boost in functionality with today's code push!  While the widget on a page displays much as it has before, clicking on it will open a dialog with a log of drops the member has paid out DKP for, manual adjustments made by events admins, and a full event attendance history.

In addition, event admins are able to add manual adjustments directly from the dialog (under the "Manual Adjustments" tab).  No need to hunt around in the control panel for that, anymore!

Finally, a new button is visible to event admins when viewing a specific event using the Calendar widget that makes it possible to go directly into event follow-up, without needing to hunt down the event in the calendar widget editor listing.  The link to directly edit the event itself has been converted into a button to make it easier to find, as well.  Both are along the top.

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