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3/4/2010 11:39 AM by Aaron Lewis

Custom Event Roles top the list of items included with tonight's code push.  Click the Edit button under your calendar and then click the "Custom Roles" link at the top of the editor window.  This allows you to add to the list of default event roles like DPS, tank, healer, etc.  In addition, you also have the option to completely replace the default roles and use only your custom-provided ones.  The check box for doing so is located in the same place.

Some bug fixes included in the update:

  • Clicking on Manage Guild Associations for a character will no longer result in a redirect to the GP home page.
  • A blank page will no longer show up when sending new mail from the inbox.
  • Adding a new custom event category, and then immediately adding a new event, will now show the newly-added category (previously, you had to close the window and re-open it).
  • There is now an option in the Control Panel, under Style Settings : Text, that makes it possible to specify the spacing between lines in posts, news, and other areas.
  • More font options have been added to the Control Panel, under Style Settings : Text.
  • Various widgets have had their output modified slightly to make them more uniform with the rest of your site.

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