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3/3/2010 7:06 AM by Aaron Lewis

Most of you know that since December of 2003, GuildPortal has been donating $1 from every guild web site subscription and subscription renewal to Food for the Hungry, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief services to the poor, including emergency assistance and educational programs that provide impoverished communities the knowledge they need to better sustain themselves.

Right now, the 40th Annual Hunger Fund is multiplying donations 53 times.  That means for every dollar, $53 in actual aid is shipped for suffering children and their families in Haiti and 13 other countries facing widespread disease and hunger. 

We wanted to bring this to your attention so that you can participate in helping the Hunger Fund save lives even more dramatically, $1 at a time, via your direct donations, if you so choose.  For more information, please visit The Hunger Fund.

A bit of legalese: GuildPortal is in no way being compensated for linking to The Hunger Fund or Food for the Hungry.

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