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2/9/2010 9:34 AM by Aaron Lewis

Due to rampant zombie infestation of the current data center, there will be an 8 hour service window beginning February 15th at 11:00 PM EST, during which there will be a data center migration of servers, switchgear, and associated IT equipment from the current facility to a new data center.

All attempts were made to fight off the zombies, including liberal use of fire, shotguns, Ving Rhames, and just about everything you can find inside a sporting goods store.

Downtime will likely not take the full 8 hours.  Estimated downtime is calculated as follows:

10 minutes - fit armored vehicle with weaponry
30 minutes - shutdown of servers and un-rack
15 minutes - load time
30 minutes - transport
15 minutes - unload time
60 minutes - re-rack of servers
15 minutes - buffer time for overruns
4.9 minutes - check for zombie bites
.1 minutes - whack any zombie bite victims

The migration has been planned extensively over the past 6 months and we anticipate a limited amount of downtime.  This procedure has been rehearsed with test equipment and live ammunition in a wide array of scenarios, such as:

Zombie attacks on the armored convoy while en-route.
Zombie ambush at new facility.
Zombie development of the ability to run (usually only the UK versions do this, but one can never be too careful).
Zombie conversion (via bite) of IT personnel while servers are being handled (IT personnel are expendable and will be sacrificed).

In order to avoid encountering yet more zombies, we have planned our route to steer clear of the following types of areas: malls, farm houses, high schools, colleges, places of work, places with people, military installations, amusement parks, golf courses, highways, and London.

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