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Posted 12/1/2012 1:19 AM by Vagenda2. 11 reads. Share:

I had a rigor this morning while at work, an hour from home.  Somehow I managed to make the hour drive home in that state - and somehow the amount of gas I had was barely enough to get me here.  I've not been so sick for years.  It is now17 hours later and I'm still just getting to a point where I can read on here without burning my eyes out too badly.

Vox really helped me through this terrible day.  Synerge would say this suffering is the reason I have friends at all, and it just sheds such clarity on how trust and small jokes steadily escalated into increasingly aggressive targeted "douche-bag-ery".  I still feel unsettled and look forward to not talking to them again.

Even before I joined again there was much fictitious talk slandering me in the Officers forum.  I had been in Fearless Legion once before and left when certain people made everyone stop talking to me.  Then, as I was seeking to return, all the officers club forum were filled with wild tales of my disrespectful behavior toward officers, and stories of how I'd been kicked from Fearless several times for being immature.

I felt like how Slash must feel reading a Hit Parader magazine - knowing it is all bullshit devoid of facts, yet being assured by managers that it only matters that people are talking about you. . Is this not Fame?

I made the mistake Slash never made - I jumped into bed with these slanderous liars who did little but to accept my help and reward me by crippling my reputation.

Posted 11/29/2012 11:41 PM by Vagenda2. 2 reads. Share:

I was sick for most of the day.  I feel like I can't tell anyone about it.  I was attacked recently by someone I used to trust, and he attacked me and kicked me from Fearless Legion telling me, among many many other things, that I only have friends at all because I play up the sympathy card to people over having a disease that will kill me.  Now I don't open up to anyone about it at all, and can't imagine sharing anything that matters to me in my personal life with others in game again.

Throughout the assault, I was also put down many others in that league.  It went on for weeks.  I couldn't log in without taking shots within 20 minutes.  People I thought were my friends seen it.  Only Ghost, Eve, and Mistycal showed that they noticed and cared enough to tell me they had my back.  Everyone else was either attacking me, or telling me to shut up and take it.

I ended up leaving and trying Diva's league out, LegionOfDiva.  That group was luke warm, and helping them today for 2 hours and 1.5M heals left me Ninja Looted and called a liar - so that bridge is gone.

Then Laura came at me with stories of how great Hooligan is and that no one attacked my kid for half an hour.  I was staying league-less to show support for her in case she made her own.  I've been her friend for so long, and now the pattern is "anyone in Fearless that contradicts what V says is right and V's nothing but a crazy bitch" so that bridge is gone too...  So few give a shit - I don't know why I still play some days.

So I joined MerlinsBrothers group.  I'm sick and tired of making allegiances to those that don't have my back at all.