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Posted 11/6/2012 1:00 PM by Whodinni. 136 reads. Share:

When we decided to create this site we had a few goals in mind.
Primarily, it was to set up a place that would provide a lot of information for members as well as being a social gathering point.
To date, only a few of you have signed up, but we are going to change that quickly.
Ne members to the guild will be REQUIRED to sign up on the site and existing members who do not, will not be eligible for most of the guild perks.
There's a reason for this, not just because I want you using the site.
We spend a considerable amount of game time answering questions and while we are always happy to help, having a repository of articles here can help free up some of that time.
Also, there is an excellent way of trading on the site - through the Resources tab.
In fact, there's a lot of stuff there that helps everyone.
So, there it is - my daily grumble :-)
Till next time!

Posted 11/1/2012 10:35 AM by Whodinni. 20 reads. Share:

Seems there is a glitch in the new xpac that impacts only a few players. Now, never being lucky enough to get a major gear drop or a rare pet, I wonder how I was so fortunate as to be one of the "few"?
Seems some players get to the Golden Pagoda to start their rep grind with the Golden Lotus faction only to find there are no quests there.
After speaking about this with Blizzard, I was told they are aware of it, but as it only impacts a handful of players, they are not planning on a fix.
Well, how about planning on a few players dumping your damn game and going elsewhere? That was my response.
Ever customer-friendly, Blizz said, "Well that's your choice."
And you wonder why I wish Deathwing had eaten everyone of the dumb bastards at Blizz? lol!
No worries, old Who will find a workaround (or hack the damn game and make everyone not find quests).
Angry? Nope not me
I'm from New York. We don't get mad - but boy do we get even!
Until next time - this old mage is vanishing".

Posted 10/31/2012 8:11 AM by Whodinni. 17 reads. Share:

If you're like me, this whole new Pandaria experience is a little confusing
Go do this daily, do that daily, get valor points, get reputation, get lost!
I suspect more than one player has been frustrated by the long haul from level 85 to 90, with no flying allowed until you reach the revered level 90. Makes for a real grind, doesn't it?
But there is a purpose to it all!

No, I don't have an idea as to what that purpose is, other than make certain you are stuck on the new continent doing the tasks over, and over and over again. Ah! But the rewards! The all-encompassing rewards for dedicated and endless hours of play!  They really are impressive (although I live vicariously through others like Out who actually have some of them).

Simply put, the new MoP xpac is pretty well designed and fun to play, even if it can be a grind at times. Who hasn't looked in wonder as their hatching flying serpent grows up before their eyes, day by day. Or marveled at some of the best graphics in WOW in quite a while.

On thing is certain. We are playing more and enjoying more of the wonders of Pandaria - despite the lack of an auction house!

"We can easily endure adversity. Another person's, I mean." - Whodinni