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Posted 12/6/2012 10:58 AM by DJdarkness73. 17 reads. Share:


Yesterday we packed up the IROCs and headed to Italy for a 15 lap race around the Mugello Club circuit. This track is somewhat deceptive. From an aerial view it appears to be a fairly simple track with very few turns but don't let that fool you. The first turn is sharper than it appears and requires precise braking to slow down from the speed of the straightaway and the final turn is downhill and off camber requiring very precise throttle control or you will find yourself drifting towards the far wall. Even entering the pits can be tricky with the wall that juts out from the left side of the entrance.

Despite the difficulties of the track itself we had a very good race. 11 racers made it to the track and no one lagged out. Stick, Joe and Splat headed out to the front of the pack early and stayed there battling amongst each other for the lead. As always search the storefront for DJ CLASSIC if you would like to watch the replay.


Mugello Results
  1. zStick - 20pts
  2. Joe - 18pts
  3. Splat - 17pts
  4. Game - 16pts
  5. Blew - 15pts
  6. Clyde - 14pts
  7. Raven - 13pts
  8. DropKick - 12pts
  9. Smiley - 11pts
  10. DJ - 10pts
  11. Casket - 1pt - DNF
Overall Standings
  • zStick - 66pts
  • Splat - 64pts
  • Raven - 63pts
  • Clyde - 61pts
  • Joe - 54pts
  • DropKick - 48pts
  • Blew - 46pts
  • DJ - 46pts
  • Smiley - 41pts
  • Agent - 24pts
  • Casket - 16pts
  • Game - 16pts