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Posted 10/25/2012 9:54 AM by DJdarkness73. 6 reads. Share:

Excellent and exciting race today. As you can see from the pics we had a pretty good crash early in the race but all parties involved managed to keep going long enough to make it to the pits for repairs. Then with only a couple of laps to go Raven suddenly lagged out of the race. Afterwards the racers conferred and decided that he should be able to retain his position since he was solidly in second place and it did not appear as if anyone would be able to overtake him. Since everyone was in agreement I have decided that Raven will be able to keep his second place standing in the race. Because of this decision though all racers will receive points as if they finished the race even if they did not make it across the line before the timer ran out.

 -Final Standings-

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Grid Ordering will be Random within your respective Buckets. (Buckets will be described in more detail further down in this post.)

Car Specs:
  • PI Restriction: A550
  • HP Min: 400hp
  • HP Max: 500hp
  • Forza Aero is Required on Both the Front and Rear

Signing up on the Race Club Calendar will reserve a spot for you. All other spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Race Override Settings:
  • Force Team Colors: No
  • Force Stock Upgrades and Tuning: No
  • Force Off Suggested Line: No
  • Force Off STM: Yes
  • Force Off TCS: Yes
  • Easiest Braking Allowed: ABS on
  • Easiest Steering Allowed: Normal
  • Easiest Shifting Allowed: Automatic
  • Forced Camera View: Cockpit
  • Disable Wrong Way Indicator: No
Summary of the Rules for this Season:
  • First and foremost race clean.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalties which could include Point deductions, Handicaps, and even banishment from one or more future races.
  • Each race will allow 2 restarts to try and ensure a clean start.
  • If you cause a wreck and we need to restart then you must go to the Sin Bin which will start at the back of the field with a 1 second delay.
  • Each race will require 1 mandatory pitstop after a set amount of laps determined by the length of the race.
  • If you need to make a pitstop early due to damage you may do so but it will not count as your mandatory pitstop.
  • No pitstops are allowed on the final lap.
Buckets and Scoring:
  • In an effort to keep the racing as close and competitive as possible we will be adding a handicap bucket system.
  • If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a race then in the following race you will be placed in a bucket that will receive a 5% reduction in power and grip.
  • If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and started from the 5% reduction bucket you will receive 1 bonus point added to your score for that race and will be placed in a 10% reduction bucket for the following race.
  • If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and started from the 10% reduction bucket you will receive 2 bonus points and move to a 15% reduction bucket for the next race.
  • This pattern will continue until you place 4th or lower and then you can rejoin the regular Racers bucket.
Points Available 
Place   Points  
1st   20    
2nd    18    
3rd    17    
4th    16    
5th    15    
Points will continue in this manner all the way down to 16th place receiving 4 points.
A DNF will receive 1 point for the effort.

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Hello race fans and welcome to the Season Two preview of the DJ Classic. As you can see from the picture above we will be running our own version of the International Race of Champions. In its heyday the IROC series invited drivers from different forms of racing to compete using pre-built cars so that the winner would ultimately be determined by skill and not which team had the most money to throw into their vehicle. While it was a good concept things were skewed a bit in favor of the American NASCAR drivers because the series ran mostly on Ovals that the NASCAR drivers were already used to running on a regular basis. And even though the word "International" is in the title it only pertained to the nationality of the drivers, the series never ran on a track outside of the U.S.

Well this season we're going to change that. That's right. We'll be crossing the Big Pond for four of the six races this season. We open the season in classic IROC style at the Tri-Oval of Sunset Speedway and then pack up for our European tour. First stop is Silverstone International in England and then we head over to Germany for a run on the Hockenheim National track. After that we go down to Italy and the Mugello Club circuit before heading west to Spain and the hills of the Iberian Full track. Finally we make our way back across the Atlantic and return to Florida for our final race of the season at the Sunset Club circuit.

Unlike the original IROC's which only allowed drivers to adjust tire pressure and the downforce of their aero kits, I have allowed some modifications and tuning to be done to the cars but within a set of tight restrictions as noted below.

Car Specs:
  • Car used must be the 1990 Camaro IROC-Z
  • PI cannot exceed 550
  • Minimum Horsepower is 400hp
  • Maximum Horsepower is 500hp
  • Forza Aero kit is required on both the Front and Rear of the vehicle.

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While only 8 of the possible 12 racers eligible for the final race were able to compete we still had a very exciting race. The top 5 contenders stayed up at the front of the pack and we saw quite a few lead changes, especially as racers began to make their mandatory pitstops. On the final lap Joe was firmly in the lead until he made a miscalculation and went off to the inside of the track just slightly on the final turn where Splat was finally able to overtake him for the win. Congratulations to all of the racers this season and especially to our Top 3 Overall.

  -Today's Results-

  -Final Overall Results-
 Place Name Points
 1stJoe 51
 2ndClyde 50
 3rdSplat 49
 4thRaven 45 
 5thDigital 42 
 6thAgent 29 
 7thDropKick 27 
 8thBlew 25 
 9thBigK 23 
 10thPinchy 21 
 11thDJ 18 
 12thSparco 15 
 13thWildKirk 12

I would like to thank everyone who participated this season and remind everyone to keep an eye on the Upcoming Events forum for info on the next season.

Posted 10/10/2012 4:53 AM by DJdarkness73. 9 reads. Share:

Today is the day. Its a 10 lap race to the championship and with less than 10 points separating the top 5 spots anything could happen. There are a few differences in the rules compared to the rest of the season. Since its only a 10 lap race the mandatory pitstop will be after 3 laps instead of 5 and the Sin Bin will have a 3 second delay instead of 1 second. Also, anyone who did not complete at least 2 races earlier in the season will not be eligible to race today.

So lets see some good clean racing and may the best driver win.