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Posted 9/20/2012 5:50 AM by DJdarkness73. 14 reads. Share:

 Well I did it folks. I managed to finish my first race of the season. I didn't finish real high on the leaderboard but at least I managed to get some points. We did have 3 Lag outs and 1 wreck out but overall it was a very tight race.

 I would like to welcome the newcomers to the series, Chevy, smiley and Steve. Good luck to all three of you as the season progresses.

 Joe took the top spot again with newcomer Chevy hot on his heels and pinchy redeemed his no show last week by coming in 3rd. Race replay can be found on the storefront by searching DJ Classic S1R3.

 Motegi Results:

1st - Joe - 12 points
2nd - Chevy - 11 points
3rd - Pinchy - 10 points
4th - Raven - 9 points
5th - Agent - 8 points
6th - Digital - 7 points
7th - Splat - 6 points
8th - DJ - 5 points
9th - BigK - 4 points
DNF drop - Sparco
DNF lag - Dropkick
DNF lag - Smiley
DNF lag - Blew
DNF - SteveFrench
DNS - Clyde

 Overall Standings:

Joe - 24 points
Digital - 24 points
Clyde - 23 points
Raven - 21 points
DropKick - 18 points
Pinchy - 18 points
Agent - 17 points
Splat - 15 points
BigK - 11 points
Sparco - 11 points
Chevy - 11 points
Blew - 5 points
DJ - 5 points
Smiley - 0 points
Steve - 0 points

On a side note, I would like to ask that those of you who plan to come back for Season 2 (which should hopefully start about a week or two after this one wraps up) to think about and send me some suggestions for which car, class and restrictions we should run. If I pick yours I might just send a Custom Paint for it your way.

Posted 9/19/2012 8:29 AM by DJdarkness73. 4 reads. Share:

Its about 2 hours before the start of the race today and I'm about to go get some lunch. I really hope to put a few points on the board today. I've spent a lot of time since the last race rebuilding and tuning the car. I must have tried at least 5 different configurations before settling on what I'm going to run and then i worked on a new paint job for it. Cuz we all know that a flashy paint job can make a car at least 5 miles an hour faster. :)

Posted 9/12/2012 12:49 PM by DJdarkness73. 3 reads. Share:

The race is over and I'm a little disappointed, but only in my own performance. I once again walk away with no points and this time its not because I wrecked but even worse I simply was so slow I couldn't make it across the finish line before the race timer ran out. My only solace is that I wasn't the only one.

As for everyone else that did cross in time, they had a great race. The usual suspects were at the front of course and a newcomer to the series, Joe Cool, took first place by a considerable margin. The replay can be found by searching the storefronts for DJ Classic S1R2.

And now the Results of Todays Race:
1st - LGS Joe Cool - 12 points
2nd - ClydeYellow - 11 points
3rd - Digital Racer 1 - 10 points
4th - o SPLaT o - 9 points
5th - DropKickedMouse - 8 points
6th - bigkjell - 7 points
7th - RavenSilvermoon - 6 points
8th - Blewbiyu - 5 points
DNF - AgentMoulder - 0 points
DNF - DJdarkness73 - 0 points
DNF - Sparco Racing91 - 0 points
DNS - pinchysrevenge - 0 points

Overall Standings:

ClydeYellow - 23 points
DropkickedMouse - 18 points
Digital Racer 1 - 17 points
RavenSilvermoon - 12 points
LGS Joe Cool - 12 points
Sparco Racing91 - 11 points
AgentMoulder - 9 points
o SPLaT o - 9 points
pinchysrevenge - 8 points
bigkjell - 7 points
Blewbiyu - 5 points
DJdarkness73 - 0 points

Posted 9/12/2012 5:15 AM by DJdarkness73. 3 reads. Share:

Its the morning of race day and I'm pretty excited. Today's track is Camino Veijo Full, which is a much tighter track and should make passing pretty interesting. Hopefully there won't be any serious incidents and we can all finish the race.

In case you missed the last race the replay can be found on ClydeYellow's storefront, just search for the key words DJ Classics S1R1.

Posted 9/5/2012 12:27 PM by DJdarkness73. 1 reads. Share:

We had a pretty good first race of the season. Everyone's cars seemed very competitive and there was some very close racing going on. We did have one lag drop and two DNF's due to crashes but they were no one's fault in particular so the race continued. I have not had a chance to watch the reply yet but here are your preliminary results:

: Results of Race 1 at Alps Club :

1st - ClydeYellow - 12 points

2nd - Sparco Racing91 - 11 points

3rd - DropKickedMouse - 10 points   Bronze Awarded

4th - AgentMoulder - 9 points

5th - pinchysrevenge - 8 points

6th - Digital Racer 1 - 7 points

7th - RavenSilvermoon - 6 points

DNF - Blewbiyu - 0 points

DNF - DJdarkness73 - 0 points

DNF - o SPLaT o - 0 points

DNS - bigkjell - 0 points

DNS - knightmaric - 0 points