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Posted 10/10/2012 4:53 AM by DJdarkness73. 8 reads. Share:

Today is the day. Its a 10 lap race to the championship and with less than 10 points separating the top 5 spots anything could happen. There are a few differences in the rules compared to the rest of the season. Since its only a 10 lap race the mandatory pitstop will be after 3 laps instead of 5 and the Sin Bin will have a 3 second delay instead of 1 second. Also, anyone who did not complete at least 2 races earlier in the season will not be eligible to race today.

So lets see some good clean racing and may the best driver win.

Posted 10/4/2012 6:08 AM by DJdarkness73. 5 reads. Share:

Great race yesterday and as I predicted we did have some shuffling in the overall standings. There are now only 2 points separating 1st and 2nd and a tie for 3rd.

Today's Results at Sedona:
 1st Splat 12 points
 2nd Blew 11 points
 3rd Clyde 10 points
 4th Dropkick 9 points
 5th Raven 8 points
 6th Joe 7 points
 7th BigK 6 points
 8th EvilLuc 5 points
 9th Sparco 4 points
 10th DJ 3 points
 11th Agent 2 points

Overall Standings:
1st  Joe 42 points
 2nd Clyde 40 points
 t3rd Splat 37 points
 t3rd Raven 37 points
 5th Digital 33 points
 6th DropKick 27 points
 t7th BigK 23 points
 t7th Agent 23 points
 9th Pinchy 21 points
 10th Blew 18 points
 11th Sparco 15 points
 12th DJ 13 points
 13th WildKirk 12 points
 14th Chevy11 points
 15th EvilLuc 5 points

Don't forget to post your suggestion on what car to run next season on the Race Club forum or you can also send me a message on the Xbox.

Posted 10/3/2012 6:49 AM by DJdarkness73. 9 reads. Share:

It's race day again folks and my Starion is ready to go with a new paintjob. Hopefully everyone will be gawking and forget how to drive and I can sail right past to the checkered flag. (wishful thinking) But seriously, things are very close at the top of the overall standings and with the technical aspect of today's race we could see a shift in the leaders.

In other news, I have started a forum post on the Race site to discuss what car to run next season. I have also been in talks with Joe Cool about his SCCA races that he wants to start and we were thinking that since the Wednesday timeslot seems to have quite a few racers available that we would share it. Which means that Season Two would run on every other Wed. and Joe's SCCA would run on the opposite Wednesdays. That's not set in stone just yet but I wanted to throw it out there just to give everyone a heads up on what the possible future plans are at the moment.

That all for now. Good Luck Everyone.

Posted 9/26/2012 12:50 PM by DJdarkness73. 13 reads. Share:

Excellent race today. After 2 red flag starts the 3rd time was the charm and went off without a hitch. 12 racers started the race and 11 managed to cross the finish line. WildKirk and Joe elected to start at the back of the field and still managed to finish the race 1st and 2nd although Splat, Digi and Raven weren't too far behind them. As for myself, I managed to hold onto 2nd for the first 2 and half laps and finished in 8th. As always the replay can be found on my storefront by searching DJ CLASSIC S1R4 and be sure to watch Nolan's run down the back straight on the second lap for a great rolling wipeout. :)

Today's Results at Road Atlanta:

1st - WildKirk - 12 points
2nd - Joe Cool - 11 points
3rd - Splat - 10 points
4th - Digital - 9 points
5th - Raven - 8 points
6th - Clyde - 7 points
7th - BigK - 6 points
8th - DJ - 5 points
9th - Agent - 4 points
10th - Pinchy - 3 points
11th - Blew - 2 points
DNF - Nolan
DNS - DropKick
DNS - Sparco
DNS - Chevy
DNS - Smiley
DNS - Steve

Overall Standings:

Joe - 35 points
Digital - 33 points
Clyde - 30 points
Raven - 29 points
Splat - 25 points
Agent - 21 points
Pinchy - 21 points
Dropkick - 18 points
Big K - 17 points
WildKirk - 12 points
Chevy - 11 points
Sparco - 11 points
DJ - 10 points
Blew - 7 points
Nolan - 0
Smiley - 0
Steve - 0

Posted 9/26/2012 5:35 AM by DJdarkness73. 6 reads. Share:

Its the morning of Race day again folks and half the season is behind us. The top of the overall standings is very close. With only 3 points separating the top 4 spots anything could happen. As for my own place among the standings, at least I'm not last anymore and I've got another flashy new paint job to reveal. :)

Good Luck to Everyone.