New Orrian Nobles

The Quest to reclaim Orr but ending up distracted by all the 'shinies' throughout Tyria

Posted 9/4/2012 12:03 AM by Lord Protectorate. 54 reads. Share:

We've survived one week in game and for the most part all is working great, minus the hiccups with stolen accounts and Trading Post woes.

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We are a little over one day away from the three day head start for those that Pre-purchased Guild Wars 2. I have officially started my one week vacation and anxiously awaiting for the 2 am green light on the game. Arenanet has stated they might open the servers three hours early, so I might be able to join the masses by 11 pm Friday night.

I am all set to go, food and drinks are well stocked and initial plans for character and guild setup have all been finalized. I plan to pass the time waiting on the NoN website (link on the sidebar of the blog) hanging out in our chat room and on our Mumble server. Feel free to jump in and join in the conversation and if you are still looking for a guild to join send in an application while there. We are a small guild at the moment focusing on Light Role Play as well as PVX, which mainly means we plan to delve into a little of everything the game has to offer.

Personally I am interested in the WvWvW pvp environment, crafting and of course the personal storyline and dynamic events. Also, excited to try out the five man dungeons as I never got a character high enough in the Beta Events to experience that content. I am not sure how much, if any streaming or recording gameplay I will be doing the first few days. There will be so many doing the same I am sure it won't be worth trying to compete with the more popular streamers. Plus everyone should be in the game themselves having fun not watching others, eh? Check back here sometime next week for I am sure to have lots to talk about the game. I still plan to do the most of the posts on here in the voice of one of my characters, detailing their exploits across Tyria.

I hope to see you all soon in the game. If you see me around, give me a wave and I will buy you an Ale in the nearest tavern.

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After what seems like an eternity of waiting, we finally have the release date for Guild Wars 2! Yes, the real date and not the poser dates spouted by those sham retailers like Gamestop. Mark your calendars, for Aug 28th 2012 will see a vast shortage of the worlds workforce showing up to punch their time cards. If that is too long for you to wait, fret not for you can get your 3-day fix come July 20th with the Final Beta Weekend Event.

If you are looking for people to share your adventures in Tyria with I would like to extend an offer to apply for membership with the 'New Orrian Nobles'. We are a few friends from other games that are starting up an RP Lite guild that is looking to help make the community the best place it can be. RP, Community Events, WvWvW, Exploring, etc. we want to experience it all and we want to share it with you. Give us a look at New Orrian Nobles if interested and apply. We plan to be on an RP server come launch, but if they dont designate servers that way we will probably stay on the Tarnished Coast Server as that has become the unofficial RP server for the US.

Stay tuned to this spot as I will be giving updates on events the server and guild experiences, usually in character so it should be good fun reads.