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I left Forsaken World a year ago and now I'm back.  You can ignore anything below this post.  It was so long ago I'm not even the same person.


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My mule, Drowger, is still in BloodCoven, as far as I know.  I spent the entire day trying to get done personal goals on my main, Felixluv.  There is no way I can.  I'm dead beat.  Exhausted. 

Felix joined a guild one day and got booted the next.  No idea why.  I was behaving.  Maybe that's why?  Maybe I was boring.  Maybe they decided to dump everyone under level 60?  Who knows.  It will always bother me wondering why.  Karma?  Because I left this guild I get dumped at another?  Then Karma isn't fair.  I miss the way this guild was when it 1st started.  Everyone was happy and silly.  And there.

I joined a popular guild named Oblivion.  It was the only one that answered me.  Now I have to view a husband and wife team crowd out all other verbatim with their endless vainglories.  "Isn't she cute."  "He's so wonderful."  Bla, bla, bla, bla, those two never shut up.  It was okay the 1st 100 times but it gets old.  And no one is allowed to talk but them.  What about me?  Just because I'm not married doesn't mean I'm not cute.  I'm not cuddly, but I'm cute.  That's the morning.  Night time is a click of people who've been in the guild since day one and know each other's sock sizes.  They can talk in that abbreviated "we know each other" language that just makes newcomers jealous. 

Either way I'm ignored.

So I finally figured out how to do guild quests.   Took me long enough.  1st you get the coupons.  Then you decifer what the heck it's talking about which some short word representing a dungeon or Henry quest.  For dungeon you apply to them all via dungeon finder 1st and if you get in THEN AND ONLY THEN do you accpet the guild quest (click on "G").  That way you don't accidently use up your three tickets if you get no dungeon.  Those are only merit quests.  Then there are a whole nother set of quests that are on the guild base itself.  I just started those tonight and gave up cause I got to tired. 

Caught some higher lvl pets.  Crafted all day.  Did god's trial to level up new pets.  Did the killing underwater dead people quest 10 times for money (everyday - I never want to be broke again).  Did Henry quests for guild then just to do Henry quests till I got to a Henry quest where he asked me to buy a $20 dollar book but he rewarded me $5 at the end of quest.  Made note to self to tell Henry to get bent and never return to him.

Mix all that with driving my cousins random places and my day somehow got ate up.

Hoping I don't get ill again.  I went to the hospital and they gave me another shot. 

Eden Eternal was a bust.  Played it one day and don't really want to go back.  It was nice until dungeon time.  I got in a fite outside 1st dungeon argueing if it let more than 3 peeps inside.  Everyone saying only three could go in.  I knew you can have 5 to a party so sending in only 3 MAKES NO SENSE.  Esp since it was hard!  FW is starting to look like the best game I've played.

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No one is ever on when I am.  My mule is in a more active guild.

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I got a stomach flue or something I was playing last night with my stomach in knotts.  Feel like someone pulled out my intestines and wrung them out like laundry.

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I don't want to hurt the guild leader's feelings but it's close to stupid impossible to get guildies to contribute to a guild site.  And this free site (and I'm pro free btw) is lacking.  The pic on the front is to big.  If I scroll wheel out words are to small.  Okay, I can get around that but most people will find that kind of thing uncomfortable.  They wont bother scrolling around on the page in search of stuff.  Like this blog.  And forums.  Most peeps want style handed to them on a silver platter. 

Another thing that's going to hurt.  This is a f2p game.  No one really cares that much because they didn't invest their spendings.  That makes peeps not care about their guild's success so much.

Next, guild's are not explained.  Look at this Filipino site:  Nice.  Fits the page.  Tries (tho fails) to explain the FW guilds.  This gal (not a guild site) does a better more detailed job:, but still fails cause I'm even more clueless after reading.

What I get overall from info I gathered abouts is there's a lot of potential for guilds in FW that a very few elites know.  That's kinda what needs to be posted on the front page of this guild site.  Some draw to make the player feel there is a reason I'm active in this guild.  So, what's the reason???  Just good friends?  Sorry, but that wont hold peeps long.  The joke makers get tired of telling jokes to impress people.  The shy's get tired of asking polite questions.  Peeps want to show off their clothes, pets, armor, fighting style.  We need action.  We need a war. 

On to my last:  What the hell are Guild Wars?  Right now I'm getting the impression it's the benefit of having joined a pvp server.  That would be lame.  I've always hated pvp but loved Guild/Castle battles.  "What's the dif," you might ask?  To me BIG diff.  In castle wars I can blend in and not feel guilty I just shoot that pretty shy girl that looked like a incarnation of Little Bow Peep from my childhood stories.  And I'm with my homeboys.  Showing off our clothes, pets, armor, fighting style. 

If I know little about FW guilds I know jack less about FW guild wars.  I'd say something but this is the part where I've finally got sick of being the one who is always asking all the damn questions.  Kinda makes me look like I'm the only one in the guild (and no idc if I look stupid, my ego is wrapped up in cosplay).