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I don't want to hurt the guild leader's feelings but it's close to stupid impossible to get guildies to contribute to a guild site.  And this free site (and I'm pro free btw) is lacking.  The pic on the front is to big.  If I scroll wheel out words are to small.  Okay, I can get around that but most people will find that kind of thing uncomfortable.  They wont bother scrolling around on the page in search of stuff.  Like this blog.  And forums.  Most peeps want style handed to them on a silver platter. 

Another thing that's going to hurt.  This is a f2p game.  No one really cares that much because they didn't invest their spendings.  That makes peeps not care about their guild's success so much.

Next, guild's are not explained.  Look at this Filipino site:  Nice.  Fits the page.  Tries (tho fails) to explain the FW guilds.  This gal (not a guild site) does a better more detailed job:, but still fails cause I'm even more clueless after reading.

What I get overall from info I gathered abouts is there's a lot of potential for guilds in FW that a very few elites know.  That's kinda what needs to be posted on the front page of this guild site.  Some draw to make the player feel there is a reason I'm active in this guild.  So, what's the reason???  Just good friends?  Sorry, but that wont hold peeps long.  The joke makers get tired of telling jokes to impress people.  The shy's get tired of asking polite questions.  Peeps want to show off their clothes, pets, armor, fighting style.  We need action.  We need a war. 

On to my last:  What the hell are Guild Wars?  Right now I'm getting the impression it's the benefit of having joined a pvp server.  That would be lame.  I've always hated pvp but loved Guild/Castle battles.  "What's the dif," you might ask?  To me BIG diff.  In castle wars I can blend in and not feel guilty I just shoot that pretty shy girl that looked like a incarnation of Little Bow Peep from my childhood stories.  And I'm with my homeboys.  Showing off our clothes, pets, armor, fighting style. 

If I know little about FW guilds I know jack less about FW guild wars.  I'd say something but this is the part where I've finally got sick of being the one who is always asking all the damn questions.  Kinda makes me look like I'm the only one in the guild (and no idc if I look stupid, my ego is wrapped up in cosplay).