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Posted 5/10/2010 2:06 PM by AmythiaThea. 358 reads. Share:

Hi I am Amythia.  I am still pretty new in the guild, and one of those who have been back from an AoC break, so my group healing skills are a little weak.

A few weeks into being a member of the site and I have become a webmaster, partially because I complained about the width, and was given admin status to change it, and things kind of snow balled since then.

Since then here are things I have done:

  • Changed banner to the new one that Gangrene posted
  • Fixed the content box border images.  They aren't perfect, but at least it all connects and no broken images.
  • Guild forum categories so that forums are grouped up.
  • New forum group called Off Topic.  Taking ideas for off-topic forums to include other then the chatter one.  (Ideas: News, Music, Movies, Images, Other Games,etc)
Things I plan to do:
  • Figuring out the roll overs in the navigation bar.
  • Adding Guild site achievements and medals.
  • Including Most Active medals per month?
I am open to ideas and suggestions, anything you cant think of, or don't like on the site, let me know.