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Posted 8/13/2010 11:15 AM by Rhoonnaa. 82 reads. Share:

I wanted to blog about the members and officers of Deadly Force! I am ecstatic to have such wonderful people in a joyful and delightful guild. Times are hard in terms of guild recruitment and your patience is much appreciated as we struggle to find mature active players to join and raid with us. While Deadly Force doesn't make it mandatory for you to raid with us as a guild, it would be nice to see our members show up for raids because Cataclysm is coming soon, and I would like to see us all geared and ready to go when it arrives. We are not strong enough with guild members to do ICC25 yet but we want to start doing ICC10 if you don't feel comfortable doing bosses, then we are happy to do rep runs to build rings and such with people who may feel still slightly under geared. As we get more people into Deadly Force, there is gonna be a higher demand for raids and such and as a team we need to try to see together that Deadly Force succeeds and that we make these raids come true for everyone!