Chronicles of Abbydon

Leader of VanadielNights

Posted 3/5/2010 6:03 AM by AbbydonKrafts. 662 reads. Share:

While spending my early years at an Altana mission honing my skills as a healer, I met a great number of adventurers. After hearing their stories, I decided that I shall become an adventurer. One adventurer in particular, Fobiov, invited me to join him as a citizen in San d'Oria, home of the Cathedral to Altana. I gave all of the other healers my blessings and made my way to the great city of San d'Oria.

When I first approached the city, I was in awe of the size of the great walls. I could only imagine what it could be like on the inside. After entering, I was greeted by a number of people. Some of them welcomed me, and others insulted me for wanting to be an adventurer. However, I was not intimidated as I knew my potential as a healer.

After completing the initial introductions and touring the city with Fobiov, I prepared myself for my first taste of battle. It surprised me how hard it is for a new adventurer to obtain equipment due to cost. It is also difficult for a healer to battle to raise Gil. To my benefit, Altana smiled upon me and many other adventurers came to my aid.

I will write more about my beginnings when time allows. For now, I must attend to other business.

May the light of Altana shine upon you.