The Master Linguist

Posted 6/1/2009 11:23 AM by cutaia. 365 reads. Share:

I have a theory about excess negativity in battlegrounds.  It seems that every time some asshole makes it a point to insult everybody the whole time, a loss is damn near guaranteed.  I suppose it's a chicken/egg situation.  Does the negativity affect our performance, or does our crappy team simply deserve to be told off?  All I know for sure is that my motivation level drops tenfold the very instant that s*** starts taking place.

Case in point, some b****y little f*** kept complaining about everyone in a recent Warsong Gulch match.  We were losing 0-1 and were playing pretty terribly.  After spending 5 minutes repeatedly calling everyone dumba**es and idiots he finally decided to just leave the battleground altogether.

Shortly after, we found ourselves in a much more positive atmosphere.  People were actually saying things like, "Good try on that flag run," or, "Come on guys, we got this!"  Very quickly, our entire strategy began to turn around.  Soon, I was witnessing the greatest WSG comeback I've ever seen.  Even our level 51-55 players were kicking a**.

Any thoughts on this subject?  How does it affect you when someone starts unleashing the nerdrage in a battleground?  What do you do about it?  Ignore?  Confront?  Join in?