MMO Memories

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The Scene:  a farm in the neighbhorhood of Croatoa.  Hyperion Force is trying to stop The Cultist from releasing a demonic entity into this world.

02-04-2010 21:53:00 [Team] Diamondskin: hey, it broke that pager thingy

02-04-2010 21:57:54 [Team] Diamondskin: all this dimensional energy....

02-04-2010 21:58:05 [Team] Armored Battalion: Diamond?

A blinding flash of light engulfs everything.  Brighter than the brightest day, a white so white, all colors can be seen.  Along with this light is a sound that has no description.

“...makes my skin all tingly!” Diamondskin exclaims as the flash/sound recedes back into nothingness.  “Hello?  Armored Battalion?  Nivera?  Where did everyone go?”

Looking around, Diamondskin finds that he is not in Croatoa either.  Instead he finds himself in a department store, amongst the mannequins showing off the latest of the upcoming spring fashion season.

“Great Bolts of Olympus!  Those demons turned you into statues!” he exclaimed, quickly gathering some of the store dummies into his arms.  “Don’t worry Nivera, Battalion, Psi-guy, other guy I don’t know.  I’ll save you.”

With a boost from his enhanced leg muscles, Diamondskin jumps through the glass display window with a few of the mannequins in tow.  Not knowing where to go, Diamondskin runs down the mall’s corridor, scattering confused shoppers in his wake.  Diamondskin felt he could not slow in his pace, at any moment the demons that transformed his friends could be back.  But he needed to find help, but where?

As he rounds a corner, running right through a cell phone accessory kiosk, Diamondskin exclaims “Demons are magic.  I need to find more magic.”

Diamondskin suddenly turns ninety degrees to the right and plows through the wall of a luggage store, scattering suitcases and shoppers.  As Diamondskin smashes through the next wall, leading to the outside, a mannequin arm and a head fly off with the other store debris.  

Collecting his bearings, Diamondskin makes his way to a location pulled from the fog of his memory.  He was now making his way to the one source of Magic that he could think of.

“Don’t worry friends, I’ll have you back to normal soon.”