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Posted 5/15/2009 8:36 AM by Hex Iceglimmer. 440 reads. Share:

 Pregnancy Ticker
Well, Azzy and I can't believe it, but we're expecting. He's been grinning ever since he's found out. =D We're not gonna find out the sex of the baby (but we're not getting clothes for gifts because I don't want our baby to only get green, white, and yellow clothes!!). So...if it's a girl her name will be Francesca Lane. If it's a boy his name will be Richard Doxey.

We'll try and keep you guys updated! We have our first doctor's appointment next Tuesday afternoon. We can't wait!! =D

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I'm not quite sure what to do about our guild activity, but it's kinda bothersome. We're trying everything we can and still usually only get the same 3-5 people showing up for the events. Of course, sometimes we get an occasional surprise guest...but mostly it's always the same people showing up to hang out with us.

The website was supposed to facilitate the events we have, but no one seems to be using the website, either. I know in its "glory days" we'd have had a full team show up for everything we ever put on the calendar...now we're trying to give away in game items in exchange for participation in our events...and it's still slow.

I dunno what to do...I suppose it's all in the "you can lead a horse to water"...it's really frustrating me.

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w00t! I got r10 Asuran this afternoon, and now I'm "People Know Me"! I guess Azzy and I will be racing to "I'm Very Important" next...

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So we've gotten all of the Raid points assigned throughout the guild! Whew! I'm looking forward to the new system, but it's a pain to backlog. lol

We've discussed opening up the guild bank to donations and allowing people to change in their raid points for items donated to the guild bank (including rare crafting items, gold, etc). This would encourage event participation and allow people to do something useful with extra green items and materials lying around in their inventories.

Lastly, I've put in a forum for the Anime Lovers group. It's password-protected and Alex has the password. If you were in the group on MMO and want back in or if you want to join the group...contact him for the password. I didn't put the other groups up because they didn't seem to have too much activity. If anyone wants to volunteer to run the UWSC group (since Phillip left) let me know, and I'll put up a password-protected forum for that group as well.

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Well! We're testing out another new website. lol Our members are gonna kill us for moving them again...but we're sure it's for the best! This site is SO customizable! It also takes a lot of the work out of keeping up with a great website and guild all at once.

We hope it catches on quickly and we're planning on being here for a long time.