New Blog

Posted 2/5/2010 1:04 PM by moraveck. 113 reads. Share:

So this is my first blog! Yay me!

I have to say that I think the guild is progressing along some as far as end game content goes. 3 wings are now open in ICC, we have yet to clear the first, but I have faith that we will get through it all.

We have some newer 80's in the guild that are interested in raiding. We'll get some of the gearing raids scheduled to get them in gearing mode.

We have also introduced a 3v3 arena team, of which I was a part of but being only able to offer heals or tank, that's not so useful in a pvp situation when there is a priest already in group. So I have backed out of that team and will try to form another one soon of which I will be able to make a contribution to.

I am looking forward to running all of the end game content with our group. Last night we ran TOTC 10 regular and one shot the entire instance, only wiped once. I was amazed!