Valianna's Journal (First reading? You might want to start at page 1... *wink*)

Posted 8/8/2009 1:29 PM by Lanaliathe. 1014 reads. Share:

((There are many other things that I should have added to this journal long ago, but the forum story was lagging behind the actual RP (and the old story thread is still not up to date) and I didn't want to post 'spoilers' here...

All that aside, the sad fact is that Points and Valianna's home and everything in it was destroyed by fire - including this journal.  Therefore, there is now nothing to read.

If I get motivated enough, I may start a 'new book' one of these days!))

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An airship!  I mean, come on - is that really necessary?  Suppose I can see the reasoning, but still... putting everything at risk like that, and without even telling me...

This had better work out okay, that's all I can say.  Otherwise there'll be a bigger argument...

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Wow, what a first day this was!  Hope that much doesn't happen every day we're here, or I'll be exhausted.  Bad enough still feeling sick from the travel, without having to deal with all this.

And Ty learned to crawl!!  Watching little Sec seemed to spur him on to copy, and they were both crawling all over the place and trying to climb on people.  Such fun to watch.  We have to adopt a sibling or two for him to play with, he really enjoyed being with Sec.  He needs to be around other children.  Kind of hope Points was joking about twenty, though... that might be a little too much!

And we have to make sure Ty's attached to something on the journey home... don't want him crawling over the side...

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Wish the sea was smoother...

Wish I didn't feel so ill...!

Hope we'll be there soon.  Don't think Latania's enjoying the journey much either.

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The book will have to wait, I guess - at least it's mostly done now. 

Didn't realise we were sailing on the Callipygian - hope I don't get too sick again!  Maybe my last trip was just unfortunate, and it'll be okay this time...  Oh well, wait and see I suppose.  At least we don't have to come back that way as well!

Better get some rest, have to be at the dock before dawn...