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Posted 9/18/2007 3:49 PM by AvoidingReality. 368 reads. Share:

This song was written with Kat in mind.


Trying to learn wrong from right
trying to find my light
I'm not getting any nearer
things aren't getting any clearer
I look in the mirror
and what do I see

I see me
tears running down my face
trying to win a race
against the speed of light
'cause it's running away from me
getting harder and harder to see
but still I fight

Sometimes I wonder what for
I don't know what is in store
Feels like I'm falling down
I don't want to hit the ground
seems like no ones around
to hear me scream

life is mean
but I am not alone
not one have my friend have gone
I hope to the the gods
that they don't leave my side
as I dread the deadly collide
I'm scared to look down

So instead I look around
and see all the friends I've found
I now know not one of them would leave me
suddenly that light isn't so hard to see
and I'm not afraid

they give me their aid
I find hope in them
and I want to begin again
the light is within you and me
I think I'm finally starting to get it
and the rage and fear that filled, me I can start to forget it
I am safe

And though some things are still a mystery
I think that's they way they will always be
not everything is black and white
in fact stuff like that is rare in life
but I can get through the strife

I am not alone

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I walked over to my dad with a big 'ol grin on my face, a sure sign of me stalling work. We talked for a little and then he had to go out to mow the lawn, here is are conversation:

<me> Hiiiiiiiiiiii
<Dad> Hiiiiiiiiii
<me> What'cha do'in?
<Dad> Working on the computer, it's having.....issues *glares at the computer*
<me> That's to bad
<Dad> Yeah, but my fate is now worse. Got to mow the lawn.
<me> But, but, but then I won't be able to stall anymore!
<Dad> Yup >: )
<me> *tries to stop him from going downstairs*
<Dad> *goes downstairs*
<me> *makes highpitched squeaky noises like only I can do*
<Dad> *keeps walking*
<me> *shouting* You ignored my pitiful noises?!?! MAN you are heartless!
<me> *goes to type in blog instead of doing work XD*

My dad ROX! Got to do the put off work now, laters!

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I was playing with Soryn when my little sister came in singing a song I taught her. I started singing the song along with her, but my mike was on! XD *bluuuuuuuuush* I was red for a full twenty minutes. Soryn liked the song though , and she got me to sing it all for her *BLUUUUUUUSH*

Note to self: Always check mike before singing *runs in corner and hides in embarrassment*

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I just got back from a new friends house. I was able to make two of my dreams come true there. One was to jump on one of those HUGE trampolines. The other, was to ride a horse! They own 3 horses and a pony. I rode a black horse called Beauty, but I think I liked Keeth the best. He is rideable, but not voice trained like Beauty and the pony Mystic. Keeth is the sweetest horse ever! I was petting the dog, and when I stood up and turned around there was a horse in my face! Keeth came over to say hi! The other horse that they own isn't broken in, but I like her too. Her name is Wasabe. It fits her perfectly. She has a fiery spirit and didn't like being left alone when the other horses were being ridden. We could here her complaining! lol

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I've been faced with another writing assignment so, of course, I type in my blog. XD

I don't like school, but I do my best....................at the last minute. XD
And I'm still in the advanced programs! Who'd've thunk it? lol

Ok, that last attempt at a 'joke' was lame. Just keep in mind that I'm trying to figure out how much I'll be able type in this thing and still be cool. Typing this  excuse got me a whole extra minute of not-writing-essay time! Woot!
*sigh* Getting off now, laters!

P.S. I find it rather amusing that the blog doesn't have 'blog' in it's dictionary. Comes up highlighted every time.