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Middle-Earth is calling me home

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Character: Blossom
Race: Hobbit
Class: Hunter
Location: Buckland

I saw Fatty Bolger in Crickhallow today, so I went over to talk to him. But suddenly loads and loads of big black crebain flew down and started attacking us. I tried to fight them off, but there were just too many. Everytime I tried to take a shot, they pecked at my hands. Poor old Fatty was really scared, and hid in the doorway while I ran out to call for help.

Unfortunatly, Buckland was almost deserted. I think everyone had gone to the Golden Perch because the drinks were half price for the day. I saw one of the big folk standing by the mailbox. She had a big sword, so I ran up and tried to ask for her help. But she just ignored me and carried on reading her post. So I frowned, and looked around for someone else.

Then I spotted an elf standing at the side gate of Brandy Hall. He didn't seem busy, so I ran up.

"Excuse me, mister elf", I said, waving to get his attention. He turned and looked at me, with a slightly confused expression. "Could you help me with something please?"

He asked what I wanted, and I explained the trouble that Fatty was in.

"Is is far?" he asked.

"No, it's just over there," I said, gesturing toward Crickhallow, "it won't take long."

The elf thought about it for a moment. I guess elves arn't used to being asked for help by strange Buckland hobbits.

"Ok, I will help you," he said at last, "but first I have to talk to a hobbit here. I will return soon."

"Ok, thank you," I said, nervoursly wondering if Fatty was still ok. The elf went through the gate, but then appeared again much more quickly than I expected"

"Er, do you know where I can find Celadine Brandybuck" he said. So that's why he's been standing near Brandy Hall! But the silly elf had got the wrong gate.

"Oh yes, I know her very well," I said with a grin, "this way." I ran around to the front of Brandy Hall, to where Celadine was and waitedwhile the elf taked to her. The he stuck to his word and folowed me over to Crickhallow.

The birds were still there, but together we ffaught them off. I was thanking the elf for his help when a Man arrived. He seemed to know the elf, and they both had the same little symbol on their shirts. Before I could say anaything, even MORE birds flew down. I think they were angry that we had killed the others. Between the three of us they wern't too much trouble though.

At last Fatty was safe. I suggested that he may need a scarecrow, but the elf said he didn't think that would help and that he felt there was something dark behind the prescence of these birds. I'm not sure what he meant, but I think elves probably talk like that a lot.

The three of use talked for a while, and they said they thought Buckland was nice but the houses were a bit small for their liking. So I told them  proudly that there's nothing wrong with small! They both  seemed to find that amusing, but agreed with me. Then we said our goodbyes and they went off on their big-folk business.

[ooc: This was my first time asking for help this way, but much more fun than sending out a LFF request. The the elf and the man were from the Embers kinship. For those who don't know the books, Fatty is Fredegar's nickname and as a local tweenager I couldn't see myself using his full name.. so Ididn't :)  /ooc ]