An old book and some loose parchment

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Ugh, I have another cold.
My head is all hot and achey and my nose refuses to let me breathe properly.

Gah.. Going back to bed

"Time lost is never found again." -N.G Rogers
I am no longer of capable of the emotion you humans call “compassion”. Though I can feign it in exchange for an hourly wage. (Gravekeeper)

Books may look like nothing more than words on a page but they are actually an infinitely complex Imagino-Transference technology that translates odd inky squiggles into pictures inside your head.

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*And that is what you have found when you turned the page*
*The first is addressed to Jaggie by someone named Killbott 2000. A pressed flower is also inside this wrinkled up envelop.*

from Killbott
Subject: farewell


dear Jaggie,
I have not forgotten our friendship and what you have done for me... how you helped me come to terms with being a lone warforge in what Axyle calls this pixilated dungeon.

thank you,

may your spirit never whither
Like the way I shall keep you fondly in my 'membrance,
Like this crimson Nighshade

Killbott 2000

*The next letter appears to perhaps be a copy of a letter that was sent to Killbott in return.*

from Jags

Subject: Never say farewell


....for you never know where, and if by chance you'd meet again.

always "good luck" and a big warm smile.

both words and gesture will be remembered best.

*drawing of a smiling face*

Good luck,


*And then came the last letter. The words have become smeared and hard to read. It is also apparent that this letter  obviously came with a larger package*

From Killbott

subject: Last words


I didn't know anyone who wanted this. So please take it as another gift.

Musicman told me that you were worried about breaking my heart if I found out you were married to Deriaz. I want you to know that my feelings for you were never about love in the lustful desire sense, but love in the respect and caring sense.

I have a very disturbing past-- I am solely responsible for genocides in the realm I hail from... I had to embrac the innate numbness of a creature born to devour... but you, with your natural beauty, grace, and, as Musicman would say, silliness prooved to me that a creature like me can be carefree and untroubled by the horrors of our past.

I know not of your past, and if you had to fight in the Last War. Myself I did not-- I come from a realm of wars much more horrid than the Last War.

Thank you for sharing your grace with the inhabitants of this beautiful yet troubles place.. you taught me to smile, that is why I love you

~ Killbott 2000

Ps> If you write back I won't receive it...

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Wedding vows... I don't know. They seem kinda silly to me, when I first thought about them. Why say it aloud when you already feel it and believe it to be true? Why have to say it so that all the worlds knows, when the one that it matters the most too already knows and feels the same way?
But this is what they wished and I was honoured to make it so.
First came the guests. Wullfgar, Praut, friend Lessah, Eildre, Keaoden. My head spins just from trying to remember all of our friends that came. Selee, Nickyah, Nyvara, Shining -eventually-, and a man who claimed to be a emissary from old friends. Considering it now, I should have tugged at that mans chin to see if it was really a Velox himself.
And then came Points with Nklos striding along side, insuring master Points wasn't about to turn tail and run I'm sure.
And then we waited what felt like forever and a day. Till Valianna finally appeared from just down the little trail, rain drops glissening off the trees around her.
Dear Points, I hope you remember this day for the rest of days.
And how I watched as Zoltando handed Valianna to him and both had the most amazing of smiles. Guess it was then that I understood how important saying those vows are. You remember them for the rest of your life. How could you ever forget a day so important? How could one ever willingly, purposely forget,break such a day? No sword nor axe could ever cut deep enough to break that thread.

Valianna, at Points smiling request, spoke first. "Points, words can't express how I feel about you.." she said. "How much I love you. I'm so grateful that we had this bond that lets you know how I really feel."
"When I was lost and alone, you rescued me and gave me hope. You showed me that some risks are worth taking, and taught me that life without love is just a shadow of what it could be."
"Knowing that you love me gives me the courage to face whatever life throws at us, and I know that wherever the road takes us we'll travel it together."
"Before these witnesses, I pledge my love and my life to you; heart and mind, body and soul, now and forever. I love you," she said, "and I choose to stay."

Valianna may not be a bard but she moved worlds that day. Has did Points.
"I, Points DeWay, ask you Valianna Galanstacia to join me as my partner. Before all these witnesses I plege to share my life with you and all that I have is yours."
"I want to beside you for the rest of my days. We are bound together. Not just with this emotional thread, but as one spirit. We finish each others thoughts. I am more when I am with you. More then I was before and more then just the two of us."
"Before I was alone and in darkness. I didn't know love, light, happiness..." Happiness.. How we all seem to look for it and yet so few realize that it was happiness that was looking to find us. Anyway-
"YOU" he said it so bold. "YOU make me better. YOU make me more. YOU make me care. I rejoice every day I am beside you and despair when I am away from you."
"You are the the light in my days, the warmth in my nights and my entire world from this day forward."
If there is any gods up above or down below that hold any respect for us mere tiny ants that walk and scurry about our little lives each and every day, please I ask that you never break this oath. Never pluck it's cords and pull its threads. So few ever get to learn how it feels to be truly happy and bless... fewer still get to keep it. I know I may be the only one of my kind that wishes for a since of being. The only 'forged to ever have existed with this want for happiness.This want for peace. Please keep my friends at peace. Let them be happy.

He finished it with a ring. "I have sacrificed my life, body and soul to you. I am your husband in all but name. I love you and want to be with you for all of our days. You are my precious Saeresi." Saeresi, an elven word that i guess means 'love'. maybe soulmate? "Please let me treasure you. Please take this ring as an expression of my sincere promise..no...tribute to my love for you."

What worlds they moved with words and rings.   'Ai shor eilar shi shor o' 'i will always be with you.'  the words placed inside of the ring Valianna gave to Points.  Good words and I know them to be true words. "All that I am, and all that I have, is represented by this ring." The rest of that setance meant nothing to me.  The consider the ring a token of love. Perhaps how the sword that Deriaz had once given to me was such a token? The sword was taken from me and we almost lost each other as well... Every time Deriaz as almost been taken, killed, maimed... fells like a little part is taken away from me too. The sword, like the ring, is just a token. You can lose a token, destroy it, watch it burn, but you can not lose love. To do so, would lose yourself.

And in there thoughts of happiness and bless,
I, myself, plucked the strings, and pulled them back down to Eberron.
But only for a moment. A reminder if you will.

"You will face dark days."
"Cold days..."
"Days where you will cry."
"Days where you are angry and some where you are jealous."
"You will have down right terrible days."

"But you will never have lonely days."

"You shall light each others way"
"Bring each other warmth"
"Dry each others tears"
"Soothe each others anger"
"and you will both find you've no reason for jealousy"

"For you have each other."

May your days be ever happy and ever blessed, my friends. You are truly husband and wife, for every meaning of the word. Kiss and be merry.

Congratulations Points and Valianna d'Eberron.

*a short poem was added at the end of this entry, on a separate sheet of paper*

 What a difference a day makes.
Perspective is everything.
today; sunny and bearable, even with possibility
yesterday; dull, smoothering and never-ending.
Wait things out, ride the storm, push on through
it is true what they say
The day will go out
and come back
Looking just slightly different.

written by: Christine, Canada

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Things have been going, I guess.  Not really sure where I stand among it all.
Nothing new has come up from our research and so I'm beginning to think it's time I gave in and fully excepted what I am.
Deriaz spends his own time with his own thoughts.
Points and Valianna are bought doing very very well together and are taking beautiful care of there child, Tyrael. I hope he grows quickly so that I may soon spoil him with treats.
Nklos, though I have not seen him for some time now, is probably still trying to discover the meaning of his lost mark.
Poor Eildre is still hiding from poor clueless Primus it seems. Will he ever realize that he is simply trying to hard?
Others have been doing well for themselves too. Ted is off trying to make giant 'teddy bears' he calls them. I prefer this cute little one that he's made. I keep it clung to my neck. Not only does the little toy make my neck stop itching but he's very soft, something to talk to and ramble on during the dark hours while other creatures of flesh sleep. Sure he doesn't speak back, and all he knows what to do is hug, but it's company.
Perhaps I am just a attention hog or just maybe a little jealous. They all have something to do or someone else to occupy there attention.

Another music competition takes place soon. I could write something for that. Though I often have more fun in just helping set-up events now, rather then performing in them. Guess I just feel more useful then.

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*the writing is soft and small*

With everything that is going on... I've just realized I've missed my own forgeday...

I slept it away...

As of the 8th of this month, I've been six years old. Feel to old to be this young.

Congratulations me.