The Scrapbook of a Publicist

Lona Valamari

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Lona collected a holozine where she managed Isaias’ publicity in the Stud Auction, hosted by Kiora and Lula (( Monday October 6th, 2008 )) at the Dragon Pearl Casino, Tatooine. The Sullstan that swings the other way, Maifez, immediately out bid everyone when Isaias went on stage. Maifez bought a date with Isaias for 1 million credits.

Half of the proceeds went to the Rock Ridge Weekly Jam fund, and Isaias donated half a million to HGS.

(( The winner of bid on Isaias was promised to be featured on a cover of a holozine. This holozine features Isaias, Hand Model for HGS, and the bidding winner, Maifez. ))

With the debut of Holowood Pets at the Nomad Market, Ny'kita landed on the front cover of Sentient holozine, which Lona collected.

Lona collected an old holozine from a Cantina Crawl publicity that she managed. If featured fashion designer Lexi' on the front cover.

(( The Five Featured cities where ))

Lona Valamari had an opportunity to tour Tergill City with Mayor Captain Brindan Call. The images she shot were used in Galactic Geographic holozine.

The City of Tergill was founded originally by the Eclipse Consortium, and has a long and illustrious history. Now the oldest (Player) City on Naboo, it has come under the control of Captain Brindan Call, owner of The Starcatcher Shipping Company, and one time Urban Planner for the City. Legitimate businesses find great appeal in the available land within city limits.

The heart of the City houses Starcatcher Shipping Company's Headquarters, a large and heavily secured compound, including a public shuttleport, banking terminals, job terminals, and more. Also found there is the Starcatcher Rendezvous, a high-class Cantina that features both fine dining and a fully-stocked bar, as well as some of the Galaxy's finest Entertainers upon its stage each night.

Other areas of town include EC Square, still owned by the remaining Vigo's of the Consortium, though not often visited... The Base of Operations for Quantum Industries, an up and coming Association of Traders...  'Ghost-Town', an area once owned by a suspected cell of Rebel Loyalists... And Old Tergill, where most of the City's every-day citizens reside.

Many pilots under the employ of Starcatcher Shipping Company, or fulfilling limited contracts for the company, can often be seen landing their ships here and unloading cargo for delivery. Though mostly keeping to themselves, visitors are asked not to disturb their business there and go about their own.

The prize package for Tombstone Counting Contest in Riva Dorata was 'Sani. This contest was part of Shadow Night Festival. The winner was featured in a holozine (designed by LonaValamari) sponsored by Holowood Galactic Studios.

With news of the Trandoshan holiday, Huntress Moon, being planned in the city of Black Sands, Tatooine, Ahn'issk lands on the front cover of Playdosh holozine. Lona collected a copy.

Lona submitted shots of the Holowood Inc. entertainment group to Forbes holozine.

Holowood Inc. is an entertainment troupe of of HGS proprietors: Ronin'jekknai' (PH), Ny'kita (HP), Amul'ette (HV), and Ivaadi (PoH). It is not uncommon of Celebrities of today to work out agreements with well known stars. The alliance with the brands is seen as a plus for all venues.

The debut of Holowood Inc. was at the low profile Nomad Market ((Hosted by Selenite & Azhra)). Ronin rapped while Ivaadi, Amul'ette and Ny'kita dazzled the audience with a dancing routine.

Also mentioned in the holozine is FDWS, Future Droids and Weapons Systems.

Risse Ovav performed her single, Ragged Set of Ubese, at the Nomad Market ((1/7/09)). Lona took a picture and sent it to Rolling Stone holozine for a story.

Lona Valamari is in charge for the publicity of The Fuse™ for the upcoming Tre-Cool Studio Fundraiser in Black Sands, Tatooine. (( 3/8/09 @ 3 pm PT )).

The Fuse™ is slated to perform in the city of New Doros on Talus for the Grand Opening of the Imperial League. Performers include Amul'ette, Breshe, Kayet, Nallu, Ny'kita, Risse and Ronin. Risse and Ronin will will perform the ultimate fight between good and evil. Lona Valamari directed this photoshoot.

*Lona sighs as she picks up a copy of Galactic Enquirer*

*Lona walks to the newstand, hPod in flipper, listening to The Fuse™ Went Down to Talus track. She spots Galactic Geographic Traveler holozine and picks the copy up for her collection*

*Lona picks up a copy of TIME holozine, featuring Mayor Aonin Halephax. She flippers through the pages to read about the rise of Mr. Halephax to Mayor and CEO of Halephax Munitions, Inc*