New Blog

Posted 4/20/2007 9:31 AM by electraoutlaw. 674 reads. Share:

I've never really understood the concept of a blog.  How do you drive this thing?  I mean, it's a journal, right?  So- I write down all my personal thoughts, conflicts and aspirations, and everyone in the world (or in this case, guildportal, more specifically Lethal Ladies, more specifically, the Lethal Ladies who actually use the website) can come and read my diary?  What happened to the days when a girl locked her diary, hid the key and put the book under her mattress?

I consider myself a writer at heart.  I love to write, stories, poems, essays, even talks or public speeches.  I find however, that I rarely have time to do the writing I want to do, and whenever I do have spare time, I want to log into City of Heroes instead.

So the question remains: To blog or not to blog?  Shall I be adventurous and explore this new facet of  'writing' via online journal?
Perhaps I'll give it a shot.  Though, I think I'll stick with my Lethal Ladies site.  I don't care about everyone else out there enough to share my deepest thoughts with them.  That is, until I'm a famous published journalist, of course.

Posted 5/22/2006 12:00 PM by electraoutlaw. 527 reads. Share:

Last night I hit level 50. I've been playing Electra for about 1 1/2 years now, and she is finally capped. Gladly, I had several of my Ladies there with me: Nyrana (who gave me the deadline to hit 50), Cirelick, Tathe Weven, Hurrican Gale, Battlehymn (on one of her alts) and Sub Frost. The levelup came as I walked out of a mission door so I didn't really get to see or hear it. Now that I've hit lvl 50, the question is- which toon do I want to play next?? Or do I want to make a PB or WS. I have so many good toons to play, including one that I just started, a lvl 1 Controller. Ah well, I'm just happy that I finally made it and now I'm allowed to play another toon if I want. Electra does kinda rock though. I wish we got another costume slot at 50.