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Vek'nilash (PvE)
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Welcome to The Dojo!

The Dojo web site has moved- Our new web address is-

The Dojo is a 25 man Raiding guild located on Vek'nilash realm.

The Dojo- A place of peace, respect and serenity. A place for fighters to call home. A place to hone skills above and beyond current levels of mastery. 

Dojo definition- A hall for the practice of Combat/Martial Arts.

We are currently 12/12 ICC 25 (8/12 Heroic), ICC 10 man 12/12 (11/12 Heroic w/GoTiR), Ruby Sanctum 25 & 10 1/1.

Vek'nilash guild rankings (

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The Dojo downs Lich King 25!!!

Kanshin, Jul 23, 10 1:09 AM.
The Dojo downs Lich King 25!!! Congratulations all!!!!!!! Woot! 12/12 ICC 25!

Ruby Sanctum 10 Normal down!

Kanshin, Jul 1, 10 3:55 AM.
Ruby Sanctum 10 Normal down! Grats guys!


The Dojo downs Lich King 10!!!

Kanshin, May 15, 10 11:55 PM.
The Dojo- King Slayers! Lich King 10 down! Congratulations all!!! Woot!!!



The Dojo downs Sindragosa 25!!!

Kanshin, May 13, 10 1:25 AM.

The Dojo downs Sindragosa 25 11/12 ICC!!! Lich King here we come! GREAT Job all!!! 






Putricide 25 down!

Kanshin, Apr 21, 10 2:02 AM.
The Dojo downs Putricide 25 10/12 ICC 25!!!
Woot!!! Flasks on the ground, flasks on the ground, looking like a "foo" with your flasks on the ground!

The Dojo Putricide 25 Video (by Adoragon)

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