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Thanks for visiting The High Council's website.  The High Council is an Everquest Online Adventures guild playing on the Castle Lightwolf server.  Please feel free to browse around our site and don't forget to stop by our forums!
THC News

EQOA Shutdown (3/29/2012)

Lokair, Feb 29, 12 11:04 PM.
Just wanted to say from an original game player and from one of the older guilds on Castle Lightwolf, thanks to all the people that made this game great!

I know I'm going to forget a ton of people here, but ... Amdeni, Meudail, Willwallace, Janimba, Shadowzero, Benill, Texasrose, Strummer, Tigerwong, Pyrra, Zeeke, Reia, Teodor, Ripskull, Alcofdom, Beowoulf, Piojo, Knythymn, Ronson, Hatty, Shortandsasy, Wadenfrog, Ninecontinents, Jaradox, Bludstone, Landoria, Tappsogood, Ialwen, Daoden, Lothlithien, Tuck, and all the others I know I've forgotten.

The High Council, Cosa Nostra, The House of Rahl, Rites of the Four Horsemen, Dragons of the Four Winds, Brotherhood of the Sword, Order of Chaos, Lords of Contempt.

You will all be missed. If you see this message, keep in touch. I am currently playing (when I have time) Star Wars: The Old Republic on Kinrath Spider as Riakol or you can find me on

Mad at SOE for shutting it down? No, sad that the community will be gone, but it is a business. I understand. Honestly, I hadn't played this game in a few years (ever since my daughter was born) for longer than a month or two, but still one of the first truly 'social' games that we'll remember because of all of you!

Lokair/Kalden & Amdeni/Kenden - Castle Lightwolf

Summer Return

Lokair, Jul 4, 11 3:28 AM.
Amdeni and I are back on EQOA for the summer (2011).  If you want to hit us up for a group in-game, please send a mail to Lokair, Kalden, Riakol, Amdeni, Kenden, and/or Amden.

Lord of the Rings Online

Lokair, Oct 3, 10 8:13 PM.
Amber and I have been day one subscribers to Lord of the Rings Online.  Since it is now free to play, I just thought I'd post here to let everyone know what server we play on.  Please look us up on Silverlode if you'd like to join us!  All the usual names (Amdeni, Amden, Kenden, Kendara, Lokair, Kalden, Quellan, Sirian, Kaldaine).

You can also look us up on (/adpwil or /kenwillisjr).

Kynlee Teagan Arrives!

amden, Nov 7, 08 2:13 PM.
Ken (Lokair) and I (Amdeni) welcomed the arrival of our little girl, Kynlee, on Monday, October 27th at 5:47 PM.  She was 18.75 inches long and weighed 5 lbs 15.4 ozs.  She is so tiny!  Everyone who sees her when we are out and about say she is not a baby, but rather a doll!  She had a serious scare with jaundice, but is doing very well now.  She has a head full of dark brown hair and is very alert and strong.  She amazes us with how well she can hold her head up.  She was holding it up independently being less than 24 hours old.  We are very proud of her already!  We miss everyone in game, but are very excited about this new chapter in our life.  She has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!

Web Address Change

amden, Oct 11, 08 11:48 AM.
The domain name is going to expire very soon.  If you wish to continue to visit the website, you can do so by saving as a favorite in your web browser. 

Ken and I are doing great.  We are expecting Kynlee in 16 days!!  I can't believe we will finally meet our little girl in such a short time.  We are still working hard to get our new house in order for her arrival.  Today we are putting things away and finishing up projects.  Hopefully, we can finally get the nursery all put together!  The last few months have been an absolute blur and have drained us both.  We are ready for her to be here and our house to be in order finally!  I hope this update finds you all doing well also!

The End of a Very Good Run!

amden, Jun 27, 08 10:49 AM.
Kenneth (Lokair) and I (Amdeni) started The High Council together in August of release year.  He had come up with the guild name with an ingame buddy named Turboman right after release.  Turboman quit the game within a few weeks of THC's creation and was never heard from again.  When I began playing we recreated the guild and gave it our best shot.  We met some really good experienced players (Willwallace, Meudial, Strummer, Shadwozero, Benill, just to name a VERY few) who really helped us to establish the guild's roster, rules, and reputation in game. 

Ken and I were never alone when it came to running this guild.  We always had lots of good people in the guild that helped us keep everything in order.  Over the past 2 years or so, Ken and I have become VERY busy in RL.  From me graduating college, to his now many promotions, my first teaching job, onto our first child and first house now.  No doubt life has kept us very busy.  We knew we were not doing the guild justice anymore, but it was way too hard to let it go.  We promoted others to leadership positions hoping to sustain the guild until we were able to focus on it a little more.  We now both realize that time will never come again.  With the help of the other Masters in place in the guild as of last night, we decided the best thing for us all would be to disband THC and try to make a fresh start elsewhere.

We had a very good thing while it lasted.  We have had the priviledge of knowing so many good people in the guild and all will truly be missed.  Any members who are wishing to stay with the main chunk of our guild members can seek out Alcofdom or Powergizer to get an invite into the Looney Toons guild.  They created this guild as a way to escape the pressures of running a guild with so many rules.  This website will be up until the domain name expires.   I have no clue when that will be, but it shouldn't be anytime soon.

We wish everyone the best of luck wherever they land!  Please send buddy invites and keep in touch!
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