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Trinity - Iseult
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Recruitment Criteria

First of all Trinity would like to thank you for expressing interest in joining us. We are a tight guild formed with the intention to enjoy playing together and sharing personal life experiences with one another.

Criteria for admission
1. To join Trinity, you can either approach one of our guild officers in game or post on our forum.

2. Upon receiving your request to join the guild. Guild officers will discuss and thereafter inform you of the outcome of the discussion.

3. New candidates must be level 10 or higher, unless accepted by one of the officers.

4. Any candidates currently belonging to another guild has to speak to guild officers prior to requesting.

5. Newly recruited candidates will be given Rank 9. Promoting through the ranks will be decided by guild officers. No requesting of promotion is allowed.

6. Candidates MUST create a profile and join the guild's website.

Expectations of a Trinity member
1. No spamming on alliance chat. We give everyone the privilege of speaking on alliance chat therefore we will expect no cursing or swearing on the chat.

2. Be nice to every guild member and citizens of albion. 

3. Help fellow guild member as much as you can. 

4. Disagreement among fellow members must be settled through private messages or through an officer. Don't affect other members. 

5. Most importantly, build a lifelong friendship with your fellow guild members and have lots of fun together. Cheers! 

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