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Murphyp Level 60 Human Alchemic Transmuter
Alts: Pmurphy_Level 60 Crusader of Norrath
_Level 60 Resist Faithful Priestess
Status: MIA

Third Level 60 Guardian of Norrath
Alts: Driht_Level 60 Juggernaut Warrior
Status: Retired

Rederick Level 60 Main Tank Deputy
Alts: Redsabre_Level 60 Elven Immortal Knight
Status: M.I.A

Kellie Level 60 Main Heal Faithful Priestess
Alts: None
Status: Retired

Sania Level 60 Assassin
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: None
Status: Retired

Itar Level 60 Elven Wizard Channeler
Officer/Veteran Cavalier
Alts: Luminous_Level 60 Human Lionwere Necromancer Lich
Status: Retired

Nana Level 60 Elven Immortal Enchantress
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: Nanaa_Level 60 Gatorwere Death Knight
Status: Retired

Angel Level 60 Elven Druid Diviner
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: None
Status: Retired

Beowoulf Level 60 Barbarian Rogue Berzerker
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: None
Status: M.I.A

Zuabe Level 60 Main Tank Defender of Norrath
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: None
Status: Retired

Aeryth Level 60 Main Heal Faithful Priestess
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: Leknaat_Level 60 Delven Spellbinder
Status: MIA

Wikedjug Level 60 Sorcerer
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: Epiphanyy_Level 60 Delven Main Tank
Status: MIA

Jaradox Level 60 Mystic
Veteran Cavalier
Alts: Jara_Level 60 Zerker Rogue
Status: MIA

Ronson Level 60 Defender
Veteran Cavalier
Wife: Hatty_Level 60 Elder
Status: Retired
"Vallon, Tallon and Rallos Zek all downed!"

- Cosa Nostra - May 2009
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All Hail Guest!


If you are interested in becoming a member of Cosa Nostra, please read our Policies and the About Us sections of the site, found on the right side of this page under Information.

If you think you might be a good fit, please contact  Badi and Tubes via in-game mail for requirements, needs and expectations! After contacting our officers please post an application under the Recruitment Section of our Forums.

CN is always actively recruiting nice and unselfish gamers. 

Cosa Nostra is: Currently adventuring in EQOA: Castle Lightwolf

Cosa Nostra News    

Party with KV.... His place

Raidwiz, Aug 15, 10 2:31 PM.
Thanks for the video Artilleo

Cosa Nostra at QoV

Raidwiz, Jul 4, 10 4:25 PM.

Here is a picture from one of our recent QoV take downs.  CG Creaps on getting your QoV quest loot!  Creaps finished collecting remaining shards and is now  Construct spawn ready.

Whoops! Can I get some help?

Raidwiz, Jun 28, 10 7:54 PM.

Raidnec accidently initiated the protection quest while alone in Guk.  A quick cry for help was sent, as he began to solo the waves with little hope of saving the quest.  However, after a few waves, Beserkie's Paramedic Service was on scene. Shortly after that... Demetev, Fizzypop and Powrpacs secured victory. 

When Raidnec was asked about the near fiasco, he had this to say...

"I don't gno what happened, I was jumped from all sides, and felt my life slipping away"
"I can't believe the response time of Beserkie's Paramedics"
"Thanks guys, I just hope I can somehow repay you"

Cosa revisits Deso Chain to form another spawner.

Raidwiz, Jun 28, 10 7:39 PM.

Congrats to Cosa Nostra... on her latest Construct spawner, Badi! 
Many hours of hard work, patience and a touch of skill has paid off.  We spent 11 hours straight on Deso 1, and flagged close to 20 characters for Deso 2 spawning.  Here is a picture of some of the 20 that ported thru for the flag.  Many others not shown helped as well.  Thank you all for hanging in there on Deso 1 especially.

Merry Christmas!

Pmurphy, Dec 25, 09 11:52 AM.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all members (former and current) of the Cosa Nostra dynasty.

CN invites you to re-listen to your desires and to renew your hope; to see your world not as it is, but as it could be

Go ahead and wish, it's what makes this time of year the holidays. 


CazicThule Main Tanked!

Andyaltz, Sep 2, 09 6:54 PM.
Congrats Cosa Nostra on another CazicThule main tank, the first we've had in 3 months.

Battlemaster kudos: Krieg, the only wall Cosa would need to see CazicThule to the dirt!

Hail Team Nuke: Low damage count, you guys still pulled through! Hail Darkwizzy, Equnox, and Surkillin!

Hail Cosa's Healers! It has always been said that Cosa's clerics are her backbone, way to prove that once again! Hail Imnottinker, Xkayleighx, Binzo, Crazstack, Xauron, Noreheal, Imseksi!

Congrats loot winners Brucecampbel, Xauron, and Faithwahl!

Hail Plane of Sky Twins!

Andyaltz, Aug 15, 09 9:30 PM.
Congrat's Cosa on another (Almost) double dragon slaying. Business as usual until Talon despawned on us with 1 Red remaining.

Congrats to the loot winners! 

Cosa is still recruiting quality, dependable, fun players. Please post your application under the "Recruitment" section of our forums. 

Noroxus bites the dust, again!

Andyaltz, Aug 5, 09 1:33 AM.
Quite the epic finish as Zurcon and others took on Noroxus. Buffs are overated, Congrats guys!

Cosa Re-Visits Plane of Sky Chains!

Andyaltz, Jul 28, 09 11:46 PM.
Hail Plane of Sky!

During our off raid days Cosa has been hard at work revisiting the Sun and Night Chain of the Plane of Sky. Congrats Cosa Nostra on running through the last isles we needed to obtain another Construct spawner!

It's been 5 years since these the Plane of Sky was introduced, they definitely proved to be easier this time around!  

Veeshan's Talon, Noroxus, Khal Viceroy, and Dynamth the Tyrant!

Andyaltz, Jul 28, 09 11:46 PM.

Veeshan's Talon 
Noroxus x 3 
Khal Viceroy x 2 
Dynamth the Tyrant x 2

Cosa Nostra has expanded it's use of "non" raid days to make sure every mob in the game gets a piece of Cosa! Thanks to everyone who played a part in all of these kills. 

Way to go! 

Some of the drops included: 
Trans. Wall, Seraphic Planar Earring, Alchemist PoD spell, Shaman PoD spell, Monk PoD spell, Otherworldy helm x 2, Rage of Zek, Fingers of Flame, Yellow gem of Khalimet, and Black gem of Khalimet. 

Congrats to the loot winners!

Khal Viceroy, Khal Viceroy... and more Khal Viceroy!!

Pmurphy, Jun 19, 09 4:48 PM.
Cosa Nostra promised a more concentrated effort in obtaining ZP spells and gems this summer.... and so far, CN has delivered with 12 kills in four days!

Special thanks to Raidwiz, Xollbosh, Tubes and Andyaltz for leading the way!!

CN is actively recruiting!  If you feel Cosa might be a good fit for you, please contact Jaradox via in-game mail for more information!

Rallos Zek - Owned!

Pmurphy, Jun 14, 09 4:54 AM.
Congratulations to everyone who attended Cosa Nostra's usual Saturday Night rendezvous as the team marched up once again to Zaoran Plateau's Rallos Zek for a beat down to remember!!

Pictures tell the story.  All Hail Fun!

Here were the stats:

Total kill timed at :41 minutes.

40 Toons: 2 Defenders, 3 Assassins, 1 Mercenary, 5 Minstrels, 3 Spellbinders, 1 Pyromancer, 2 Necromancers, 7 Channelers, 1 Transmuter, 2 Resist clerics, 11 Diviners, 1 Druid and 1 Mystic.

26 Players: Deftoness, Tubes, Fioria, Kuns, Tripp, Sounga, Pmurphy, Gralii, Shortandsasy, Onemanband, Shortdoc, Greenstone, Hiil, Vlayna, Rederick, Sabatoged, Nana, Darkmiztris, Raidwiz, Beowoulf, Xollbosh, Jaradox, Microphone, Aeryth, Twizzlerz and Wikedjug.

Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!
All Hail Raidwiz (Elder), Jaradox (Officer), Tubes (Officer), Shortandsasy (Officer) and Xollbosh (Officer)!!  Your gameplay and citizenship as CN members has been recognized and will be called upon even more as we head into Summer Madness 2009!!  Take the time, seek out your new ranked leaders and congratulate them, they deserve it!

Rallos Zek downed again!!

Pmurphy, May 31, 09 5:00 AM.
All Hail Cosa Nostra!!

After downing Rallos Zek (RZ) two weeks ago, CN and her army of clerics ported up again for an encore performance that proved once again that practice does indeed make perfect!!

After ironing out all the wrinkles to the official RZ kill strategy, Cosa was able to dramatically improve our first kill time by 50% with a total back to back to back Main Tank (MT) timed at :29 minutes.  

Cosa Nostra's recent Rallos Zek success belongs to not just everyone at the kills, but also to anyone who was a part of our of the previous failed RZ attempts.  Those raids took alot out of Cosa.  Three players left the guild over it.  Tanking / stacking / nuking / powering for :60 to :90 minutes straight is not easy. The strain of each being compounded more by the late hours each Saturday started to require.  So thank you to all of Cosa Nostra for your efforts, attitudes and elite game play as CN has figured it out! 

Members can now look forward to exploring the rest of RZ's unlooted treasure chest as we await the release of more Zaoran Plateau gods!    

Battle Master Props!
Congratulations Level 60 Defender Epiphanyy on your complete MT versus all three of Rallos Zek's forms.  One shield, zero wipes.  'Nuff said yo.

Thank you to everyone who was there (30)!  
All Hail Wiked, Imnotandyaltz, Aeryth, Calgar, Shortdoc, Beowoulf, Broitzo, Jaradox, Pmurphy, Kunswizzy, Idano, Onceortwice, Shortandsasy, Deftoness, Travelocitie, Humpotz, Raidwiz, Tukufu, Greenstone, Esprez, Xollbosh, Fatuhiva, Landoria, Rederick, Nana, Darkmiztris, Gralii, Gracie, Sounga and Piojo!!  

                             All Hail Castle Lightwolf!!

Tallon Zek ... Owned x 2!!

Pmurphy, May 24, 09 2:21 AM.
Great job Cosa Nostra (CN)!  In two days, CN was able to navigate through Tallon Zek's (TZ) castle, find his location, spawn him and then gameplan a strategy to wrap up Cosa's defeat of all three Zaoran Plateau Zek Gods

Super effort by all of Cosa's members as we had a blast battling through Dragons, Black Widows, Unnamed Golems, Zek Captains and Zek Archers while traversing every hallway, room and dead-end before finally reaching TZ's main room.  

The highly publicized bow and arrow Orc was no match for the strength and will of CN's army.  Tallon Zek owned x 2!!  Congratulations to Ronson, Gralii, Holy, Murphy, Surkilla and Wiked on the drops!

It's official, all three of Zaoran Plateau's Zeks (Vallon, Rallos, Tallon) have been downed by CN.  Awesome stuff team, way to go!

In the coming months as we await the release of more ZP Gods, Cosa Nostra will revisit Rallos Zek while returning to old school raid monsters like CazicThule, Bertoxxulous, Plane of Sky's Twin Dragons, Lord Nagafen and Khal Viceroy. 

Cosa Nostra is actively recruiting Shadowknights, Enchanters, Bards and Clerics.  If you think CN might be a good fit for you, please contact Murphyp via in-game mail.

EQOA's Server-wide First Rallos Zek MT!

Pmurphy, May 17, 09 5:32 AM.

YOU did it! YOU did it!

All Hail Cosa Nostra! ... what a night!  Mega-Congratulations to everyone who attended tonight's historic achievement! Five Saturdays (two of which were bugged) of losing, researching, recruiting and game planning has finally culminated in the server-wide first back to back to back Main Tank of Rallos Zek!!  

Rallos Zek version One was officially timed at :23min.
Rallos Zek version Two was officially timed at :19 min.
Rallos Zek version Three was officially timed at :17min.
Total MT officially timed at :59 minutes.                         

Official Raid Headcount = 42 toons
1 Warrior, 1 Shadowknight, 4 Bards, 5 Rogues, 1 Ranger, 1 Magician, 3 Enchanters, 2 Alchemists, 7 Wizards, 1 Necromancer, 2 Shamans, 3 Druids, 11 Clerics (one Faithful, two Resist, 8 Diviners)  

All Hail the Players (29) - Rederick, Imnotandyaltz, Hatty, Aeryth, Pmurphy, Wikedjug, Houserules, Calgar, Xollbosh, Holysieg, Tubes, Greenstone, Krieg, Kunswizzy, Raidwiz, Celesta, Ronson, Gralii, Abnusen, Adrenaline, Nana, Darkmiztris, Chromosomes, Humpotz, Idano, Twelvepack, Powerofmagic, Picalow and Ansen --- Officially a part of Cosa's Elite History

The following are individual videos of all three Rallos Zek versions ... from the Main Tank's perspective!  Thanks Red!!

Battle-Master Congratulations!!
Thank you Level 60 Defender Rederick for putting in the hard work (and tunar!) to equip your character with the necessary gear and statistics to tank this beast down.  The videos tell the story, so CN will leave it at that.  Bravo.

Battle-Mind Kudos!!
All Hail Wikedjug for developing RZ's debuff table which was the key in understanding how to attack Rallos Zek!  Huge ups for bringing the bat... definitely a game changer. Brilliant.

Next up, Tallon Zek... Anyone NOT ready?

Khal Viceroy goes down!

Treejam, Apr 19, 09 3:44 PM.
All Hail Cosa Nostra!!  Thank you to everyone who joined in on the usual Saturday night run last night as CN did what we do best .... have FUN!!  Khal Viceroy downed again -  Fingers of Thunder, Blue Gem!  Enjoy the video!   

Noroxus downed!

Pmurphy, Apr 15, 09 4:00 AM.

.... nice job team.

Cosa Nostra News (CNN) reports!

Pmurphy, Apr 12, 09 12:35 PM.
New mob sightings!! 
Stories and rumors earlier this month about the return of Rallos Zek (RZ) & Tallon Zek (TZ) and a new Vallos Zek (VZ) 3.0 have been confirmed by Cosa Nostra team members.  Different accounts continue to stream in regarding the impossible nature of the new encounters, massive pet group kills and game code malfunctions!  Stay tuned as CN continues to explore, learn and fight her way through these late breaking events! 

Guess who's back?!... back again! .... Nana's back, tell a friend!

Cosa Nostra hails the return of her beloved Level 60 Spellbinding Webmistress, Nana!  Although mostly renowned for her work in designing Cosa's website and trademarks, those who are close know her as a Day One gamer and member of the original Cosa Nostra.

New members!
Hearty welcomes to CN's newest members Level 60 Stormcaller Calgar, Level 60 Metabolist Gnomsis, Level 60 Ninja Elbuddah, Level 60 Minstrel Lalaa, Level 60 Guardian Robotrip and Level 60 Deathknight Chukchuk!  Thanks for joining up... you won't be disappointed.

Cosa Nostra is Recruiting!!!
CN has turned the in-game recruitment hotline back on and is actively seeking Clerics, Melees and Enchanters who enjoy exploring, raiding and having fun!  If you think Cosa might be a good fit and would like more information on how you can join, please send an in-game mail to Murphyp.  

Hail Fun!!

Treejam, Mar 27, 09 12:50 AM.
All Hail Cosa Nostra!  The last 1.5 weeks have been very very busy!  Thanks to all who have participated! 

Goodbye CazicThule x 3!
Goodbye Noroxus!
Goodbye Razeal Moloch x 2!
Goodbye Aeyinar x 4!
Goodbye Bulwark x 1!
Goodbye Bertoxxulous x 1!
Goodbye Uzrathixius!
Goodbye Poxathixius!

A big part of being in Castle Lightwolf's oldest active guild is maintaining a healthy balance with (R)eal (L)ife and EQOA.  Thank you for finding a way to make the time team... WooT!

Please share in Level 60 Defender Sounga's first Bertoxxulous Main Tank (Saturday March 21)!  Congratz Knucklehead!  And while you're at it, please enjoy another Cosa spank with CazicThule!  CGs to the loot winners!  Hail Fun!

More Determined Than Ever...

Pmurphy, Mar 13, 09 8:55 PM.
Thanks to every one of Cosa Nostra's team members for their efforts and patience the past four weeks as we have spent all of our raid days on Zauron's Plateau.  What started out as four unique and strong strategies has now been narrowed down to two that will actually work.  Anticipate the continuing practice of the same gameplan from here on out Cosa.  You are getting closer .... Vallon Zek 2.0 will go down.

Sprinkled in throughout have been multiple Epic Bosses, PoS Dragons, Razeal Moloch and several Cazic Thule kills.  CN may have bigger fish to fry, but in the end - it's all about the people you spend time and raid with!  All Hail Cosa Nostra!

Here are a couple of recent and fun Epic Boss runs courtesy of RonsonEQOA, Productions.


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