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Kukaili (Super Admin) 3/2/2013 12:53 PM EST : God Bless America
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Free on Netflix.

This is a very dark comedy reminiscent of "Death to Smoochy".  Fun, but very wrong (HA).  

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, the story follows a man in mid-life who finally has had it with pop-culture and the nagging, materialistic, annoying, and unpolite people of today.   He dispenses his idea of justice (with a shotgun and explosives) to all who he feels deserve to be "corrected".    His partner in crime is a 16 year old girl who helps him formulate ideas of who to kill next.   

Let's put it this way.... if you hate screaming, crying, annoying babies and their parents - you will love the first 5 minutes of this movie.   
If you are squeamish, politically correct, and have never thought of strangling the loud person on their cell phone in front of you in the grocery line...then this is not your movie.

I liked it...but I also like making obnoxious toddlers cry in the line at Costco.
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