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echofinder (Applicant) 12/6/2008 2:07 AM EST : Hollow Shade War Observations
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For those wanting the Owlbears to win the war or control the southern grimling camp here is the way to do it as fast as possible. 

Getting the grimlings out of the southern camp is a very easy thing. The camp will be set to Owlbears in about 10 minutes.

  1. Kill the grimling chieften
  2. Kill the 5 Gimling Protectors that spawn
It works because of this.  The way the war works is that it begins by killing any of the three leaders of any of the camps.  Owlbears in northwest, Sonic wolves in the east, Grimlings in the south.  On a kill it will spawn defenders for whatever tribe was just killed.   Soon after attackers will spawn from another tribe.  Defenders always win if not killed because the attacking spawns are very very weak. Defenders are summoning guards.  To alter the war one kills the Defenders of the camp you wish to be taken over by the attackers. The game tells you though zone wide messages exactly what will happen.  When one tribe controls all three camps the Sharvahl kitty gang who populates the fort outside the city on the west side, they flee and the boss spawns.

There is some randomness to the war, however some things are not.  For those wanting an owlbear zone set you are in luck its the easiest to do.  When you luck out 20 min, when unlucky about  40. 

So for an owlbear victory do this
  1. Kill grimling chieften
  2. Kill grimling defenders
  3. Owl bears will attack and take the southern camp everytime
  4. Run to the east and hang out at the Sonic wolves camp
  5. (random)When lucky in about another 10 minutes you will see a message saying the sonic defenders look about nervously. 
  6. Kill defenders sometimes 3, sometimes 5
  7. Soon the owlbears will take that camp and since they already own their own camp the kitty will flee and you kill the boss
    5. (unlucky) you see a message saying that with camps in two positions to defend the owlbears can not defend the oncoming attack
    6.  Kill the five Sonic Wolf Fiend attackers that spawn at the east camp
    7.  Wait at Sonic wolf camp and when defenders spawn kill them and then finish the steps above.  I have seen up to 4 sonic wolves attacks before defenders spawn. This was very unlucky.  This is the random part of the war nothing changes it.

GL thats what I discovered

** Note leaving Owlbears in just the North, and South is an unfinished war and how it plays out without your doing anything is random.  You could come back the next day and it may be mostly sonic wolves.  This is when it takes more time to straighten out.




Grahwl (Applicant) 1/14/2009 1:42 PM EST : RE: Hollow Shade War Observations
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Just remember that if we have any young Vah Shir's doing the cloak quests they will need drops from the Grimlings too. So if you start the war please finish it
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