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luladisu (Guild Council Member) 4/18/2012 3:39 PM EST : Lula's Guide to Low-Level Plat Farming & Leveling
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It's hard starting from scratch on a new server. Here are my tips for making as much plat as possible at lower levels, and leveling as fast as possible at lower levels (although Erza should probably write the book on powerleveling one's self! LOL). This is for good races.

Levels 1-8
Seriously, /join alliance and try to get an MGB. Breeze through these levels because they suck. Save any spider/spiderling silks you get and either save them for tailoring, or sell them for 1-4pp a silk (80+pp a stack) in the bazaar. Also saved ruined and HQ pelts for tailoring or selling to tailors. Save meats (not chunks of meat but any other meat) for selling or baking skill.

Levels 8-12ish
Around level 8, head to Crushbone. You want to kill orc centurions until they are light blue or even green. Loot their Crushbone belts and save them. Have as many bags as possible for looting the belts. (You can also loot the Bricks of Crude Bronze they drop and either use them for newbie armor quests or sell them in the bazaar for 1-3pp for others doing their newbie armor quests.)

When you have bags of CB belts, head to South Kaladim and hail Canloe Nusback. He may or may not talk to you. Hand him four CB belts at a time. He will give you oodles of experience for your level and a bunch of armor you can wear or sell. You'll also get some gold from him. Seriously, I've gone through several levels just handing in belts. (Edit: Oh, if you don't want to kill the willowisps mentioned below, you can stay here and kill the legionnaires, who will drop CB shoulder pads. I believe it's Nusback you can turn these into for similar experience. If you're twinking a new character but don't dual box, this is a great way to get them past the very newb-iest of levels.)

Buy yourself a magical weapon, or get one from someone. I've got a bunch of velium weapons on hand at the moment if you need one, or you can pick one up in bazaar (or a better one) for around 10pp. You want to make sure it's magical. Head to the Commonlands. Kill willowisps. They are levels 9-11. They usually drop burned-out lightstones that are lore/no-drop. You don't want these. You want Lightstones, which sell for 1pp or the rarer (but still semi-common) Greater Lightstones. These sell for 5pp to vendors. 

Be careful in the Commonlands, because bigger mobs will aggro quickly. Willowisps are social and will come to the aid of other wisps being killed if they get to close to you. When you can, kill bears, spiders, and kodiaks for their pelts and silks.

Levels 12ish-14 (15?)
This is one of my favorite levels because I'm often big on soloing, and know a great spot to do so. The camp can be boring, but it's a good place to go if you want to be left alone and have other stuff to work on (around the house, tradeskills in-game, etc). 

You're going to catch the boat in Freeport that takes you to the Ocean of Tears. You're going to be out in the middle of nowhere, so stock up on anything you need (food, drink, fishing poles and bait). Great for casters who can gate back, but melee types can go here too. Get on the boat. You'll zone into OOT. The boat will make a stop at Erollisi Isle, I believe it's called. (The Bracer of Erollisi drops here, +5str, and the mob is level 20, I believe. Worth coming back when you're a bit higher to get this item.) Don't get off. The boat will depart, keep riding. You'll pass some islands, but you are looking for one small island that is on the right of the boat. It's small and has one tall peak. There is an island directly across from it. You will know this is the right island when you get close enough to it and see two alluring sirens on it. This will be your new camp. Hop off the boat and swim to the sirens.

Killing the sirens: They are a pretty easy kill, and killing one should not aggro the other. There are two on this island. Stay here and kill the sirens until they are light blue... or you get bored. If you are killing them too fast, there is another siren on the other island across from you. If you are facing the island across from you, swim around to the back right of it. There is another siren who sits alone on the rock there. There are also three goblins on the top of this island. They were light blue to dark blue when I first arrived, then green to light blue by the time I left. The goblins will drop bows and four arrows nearly every time. The sirens will drop mermaid scales and some gold. I made decent gold (nothing major, but better than other spots I was hunting in) between their gold drops and selling the scales, bows, and arrows. 

This camp is out of the way, and if you like grouping, this is not the spot for you. I like lonely places sometimes, though, so I always come here when my characters are this level. If you can't gate back, the boat is on around a ten minute timer. Figure out when it will be there next and exactly where it will pass through. When it's about to arrive, swim in the water so the boat runs over you. When it runs over you, you will wind up in the bottom of the boat, which will take you to Butcherblock mountains.

Levels 15-17ish
This is when you can start to see an increase in your platinum. If you're a good race, there is a guard in Nektulos Forest who stands beside the entrance to Lavastorm. Every time he drops a bronze weapon, which sells for 3pp+. This is another spot that can be boring or used to go AFK... or you can use the respawn time (five minutes or so) to go fight in Lavastorm. Many of the mobs in Lavastorm at these levels will be light and dark blue, as will be the Dark Elf guard. To get there, avoid the bridge (or invis/haul butt past it) because there are four or more guards. One was yellow, one red, two dark blue at these levels IIRC. There is also a wandering guard between the bridge and Lavastorm entrance who you can kill while waiting on the one guard to spawn.

Levels 17+
Once you hit level 16 or 17, you can now basically PL yourself up to your 40s: hit Paludal Caverns until they are not giving much experience, then head to HHK and fight goblins (then guards and nobles if you'd like). These two zones will have you to your 40s in no time- and this is where a lot of people get stuck because they are used to the mad experience in these two zones and leveling becomes a lot harder after this. (Over Easter weekend, I made 16 levels in 36 hours- with a full 8 hours of sleep and cooking a full dinner- by staying buffed with MGBs and being in full groups in these two zones.) Goblins drop some bronze items and weapons (upgrades to armor for some), the guards drop Fine Steel weapons (5pp+, every single kill). No clue about nobles. Once you hit 35 or so, head to Rathe Mountains and fight hill giants- I've made 60p or so on one kill. They are still dark blue to me at 46. Drop lots of coin along with FS weapons. Take your WR (weight reduction) bags and destroy your copper- you'll be making that much plat.


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