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luladisu (Guild Council Member) 4/18/2012 5:12 PM EST : Lula's Guide to Thurgadin Tradeskills
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You might not know this, but Thurgadin is a great place to work on tradeskills, because the vendors there sell a lot of items perfect for leveling up tradeskills of all kinds. I'm currently just starting out with baking, and figured I'd share my recipes with you. I've been working on Coldain faction for Thurgadin armor (which is amazing- thanks for telling us about it, Sask!) by killing frost giants and drakkel dire wolves (NOT the Coldain tracking wolves!!) so I am currently amiable to them. 

Particularly if you are one of the dumber classes (like my bard), it helps to have some intelligence or wisdom items. (You should already be ahead on this if you are a caster or hybrid.) But I also found out today that having KEI is AWESOME for working on skills even if you
're not a caster. So if you log in one day and find them KEI being handed out, even if you're not a caster, use the opportunity to work on your trade skills. My bard went from skilling up once every three to five attempts to skilling up every two to three. Huge difference! (And of course, about five minutes after she realizes this, KEI, which had been on for HOURS, goes away.)

BTW: Yes, there are easier/cheaper ways to level up your skills, but I was in Thurgadin bored, had KEI, and decided to level up some while I was there. Then servers went down again so I decided to see what else I could make in Thurgadin. Yes, you can just go make batwing crunchies, but that's boring

All recipes use an oven or spit unless otherwise stated. 

1-31: Bear Sandwiches
When you enter Thurgadin and hit the wall, make a right and go around the corner to Mordin's Meats for Bear Sandwich fixin's. Mordin Frostcleaver sells the components, and there's an oven in there. Trivial at 31.

Requires: Bear Meat, Loaf of Bread

32-51: Pickled Gator
Zone into Thurgadin, go left this time to Thurgadin Exchange. (There's a bank in there as well.) Get the jug of sauces and vinegar for Pickled Gator from Perkins Doughbeard. Mordin Frostcleaver sells the gator meat. Trivial at 51. Yields 2.

Requires: Gator Meat, Jug of Sauces, Vinegar

52-68: Beer Braised Bear
The Velium Keg sells short beer (Bix Bartleby, Celtir Gronback, Klarp Bartleby) as do some of the other shops. (You can also make it, recipe in brewing section.) Perkins Doughbeard at Thurgadin Exchange sells spices. Mordin Frostcleaver sells the bear meat. Trivial at 68.

Requires: Short Beer, Spices, Bear Meat.

69-143: Filleted Bear
For this one, you'll need to make a filleting knife, which requires metal bits (something you'll make a lot of if you get into smithing, IIRC).

Metal Bits
Nimren Stonecutter in the Rogue's Guild sells small pieces of ore. Mordin Frostcleaver sells water flasks.

Requires: Small Pieces of Ore (x2), Water Flask. Combine in Forge.

Filleting Knife

Wevil Doughbeard in Thurgadin Exchange sells scalar molds. Mordin Frostcleaver sells water flasks.

Requires: Metal Bits (x3), Scalar Mold, Water Flask. Combine in Forge.

Filleted Bear

Requires: Filleting Knife, Bear Meat, Oven or Spit
(Filleting knife will be returned upon success or failure.)

143-152 Option: Bear Fillet in Cream
Stats: A hearty meal. +3 STR, -1 INT
If you want to possibly make a meal buffer, you can go on to make Bear Fillet in Cream, which will take a little more effort and money. 

Creamy Fennel Sauce, yields 6. Trivial at 75.
Requires the following, combined in mixing bowl (made or purchased here):
-Cream (Benzoin- Hulda at Thurgadin Exchange; Bottle of Milk- Perkins Doughbeard at Thurgadin Exchange, Dairy Spoon- smithed in forge with two metal bits, scaler mold, water flask), Cup of Flour (Perkins Doughbeard), Fennel (Brynjar at Thurgadin Exchange), combine in mixing bowl. Yields 8.
-Cup of Flour (Perkins Doughbeard)
-Fennel (Brynjar at Thurgadin Exchange)

Bear Fillet in Cream
Creamy Fennel Sauce, Filleted Bear, oven/spit

All recipes use a brew barrel, etc. unless otherwise stated. There's one inside Thurgadin's Velium Keg.

1-25: Malted Milk
Bottle (Bixx Bartleby, Velium Keg)
Bottle of Milk (Perkins Doughbeard, Thurgadin Exchange)
Malt (Tobart Dirkings, Broken Glacier)

26-31: Short Beer (for Beer Braised Bear above)
Barley (Tobart Dirkins at Broken Glacier)
Cask (Bixx Bartleby and others)
Hops (Tobart Dirkins at Broken Glacier)
Malt (Tobart Dirkins at Broken Glacier)

32-51: Short Ale
Barley (Tobart Dirkins at Broken Glacier)
Cask (Bixx Bartleby and others)
Hops (Tobart Dirkins at Broken Glacier)
Water Flask (Mordin Frostcleaver)

51-62: Ale
Barley, Cask, Malt, Water Flask

To be continued...


Placer2 (Member) 4/23/2012 7:24 PM EST : RE: Lula's Guide to Thurgadin Tradeskills

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This is very helpful Lula.   I would advise that anyone who does filets holds on to at least some. They are used later in a higher trivial combine that produces the hp 30 Halas pie.  Any combine after 191 for baking (end of the Patty Melt) has to be farmed at least in part so saving these could save a lot of time later.

There are also TSing guides that Al'Kabor people have put together collectively (including myself) at EQ Mac Wiki. The best early brewing recipe is probably the fetid essence, for example. Saves tons of time.
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