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Hissistor (Applicant) 7/16/2007 3:28 AM EST : For first time raiders
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I realized that there was not anything in plain sight on the site for first time raiders.  That in its self is totally my fault, and any problems arising from the neglect are totally mine.  So I want to give a few really simple tips on how to raid:
1. Bring a gate potion if you can't gate, you can't always rely on getting home safely.
2. Make sure you have food, drink, appropriate resist gear, bat wings, breathing device, and any gems you need for your casting. Peridots are always welcome if you are going to ask for cleric buffs outside of the raids.
3. Find out what role the raid wants you to take. Find a big brother/sister of the same type as you to give you advice and guidance.
4. Don't loot anything unless told.  Horde has a fluid policy of giving the item to the person it would benefit the most via consensus.  DC keeps detailed records, and portions out loot most strictly, but does keep in mind attendance, need, etc.  They restrict looting to avoid problems but also spend a lot of time handing loot out.  If there is ever a problem, you come to me immediately. I'll handle it. That's my job.
5. Expect to die, expect to not get anything and be joyful when those two don't happen.
6. Ask questions in your group. Questions are good. Restrict /rs to important things like "group two leader is dead." Send tells to individuals for buffs.  Joke and laugh in /ooc or in /g or /gu or in regular says.
7. Make a window for all raid info to go to. I put all my chat in one and all the other stuff in another so I can see what is being said.
8. Wait to buff until ordered by the Raid leader. IF you buff too soon, they will be gone in the middle of the battle.
9. Be patient.
10. If you know the raid target in advance read up on it and on the maps of the area.  That can save you trouble too.

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Apnaailn (Applicant) 7/16/2007 6:12 AM EST : RE: For first time raiders

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We also have "Follin's raid rules of engagement" sticky in the Tactics folder. There may be some out of date things like rolling for all loot etc, but all the basics are there I believe.

Like Hiss said, the best thing you can do is find somebody in the raid that has the same class or role and keep in contact with them through tells and ask what you should be doing if you are unsure.

Sometimes the RL and GLs forget to tell you your role. This happened on Saturday to me and we wiped because i was unaware i was supposed to be doing anything other than DPS. This is why it is very important to speak up if you have any questions. If you have any doubt, send a tell or ask in group. That is why we are all here is to help eachother


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