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Hail and Well Met Crusaders!    
Greetings Fellow Crusaders!!
No matter where the wind takes us, we will always be together in spirit...
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Welcome Back, Crusaders!

Deleted User, Jun 22, 04 3:37 PM.
I am sorry to say that our personal website has been lost to the mist, so to speak, due to money issues.  I am happy to say that this site appears to be up and running.  I will admit to liking the simplicity of Guildportal, so hopefully we are here to stay.

And now for something completely different...

It was never my intention to start a guild that was anything but a place where friends could come online and chat/group with each other.  Therefore KC is not for those looking to advance their Norrathian careers (i.e. raiding, planar progression, etc).  

KC is my little Inn that lies in no particular spot but can magically appear when my friends need to take a break from their adventuring, hang their cloaks by the door, have a place by the fire, and pleasure us with a story or two.  Just wipe your feet when you come in, mud is not welcome!
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- Bubwin Furfoot
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