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Welcome to the home of the new look Knights of Zek.  The guild looks different, so we felt the site should too.  Make yourself at home.

Knightly News

Closing time...Thanks for the memories

536992319_Inactive, Feb 1, 06 5:26 PM.
To all the Knights past and present we salute you.

RIP Stormhammer

Farewell Stormhammer...

536992319_Inactive, Dec 20, 05 6:25 PM.

Greetings Citizens of Stormhammer,

We have completed our poll and the vote is to take down the server when the Legends service is discontinued at midnight PST on February 1, 2006.  We will be immediately beginning complimentary one-time moves to one server of your choice.  All characters on that account will be moved to your selected server.  All characters will bring their items with them in the transfer.  Please note that once you have issued the /movelog command and you have been moved to your new server that you will not be able to return. Character names are not guaranteed on server to server transfers. If the character's name has already been used on the server you wish to move to, an "X" will be added to the end of the name

When you are ready to move your characters enter the game and type /movelog in the chat bar.  You will see a dialog appear with a list of servers that you may move to.  Select a server then click the “Select” button.  The move will be completed as soon as is practical. 

The deadline to select your new server with the /movelog command is midnight PST on February 1, 2006.  If you have not selected your new server prior to this time, your characters will not be moved.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

- The EverQuest Team

A Sad Day...

Uban, Dec 7, 05 1:39 PM.

Dear Legends Subscriber,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of EverQuest and the EverQuest community and hope you have enjoyed our Legends service. As of February 1, 2006, however, we will be discontinuing the Legends service. 

At this time we have not determined whether Stormhammer will become a standard server or if all current players will move to existing servers at no additional charge to you.  We wanted to hear from you before we made a decision and we will be including the  Stormhammer community in the upcoming decision making process so be sure to watch for more information on the forums or in-game via messages of the day, broadcasts, or in-game polls.

/* snip */

Thank you,

The EverQuest Team

Sony Online Entertainment

Time waits for noone...

536992319_Inactive, Dec 5, 05 4:09 PM.
Fresh off the successful downing of the Rathe Council the rallied the troops for a little romp through Time...after a rocky start getting piggies chosen the motley band of adventurers set out.  p1 done! came the shout, followed shortly by p2 done!

Onward to p3 they went, where a little stumbling occurred, but the Agency was able to bolster the few that remained while the rest quickly regrouped.  Phased Qunitessence were found on some of the dead so more adventurers were invited to join (Grats Kraazy!) and on we pressed to p4.

One after the other the lesser deities were defeated and we moved to p5.  Through some sheer determination and a lot of luck each of the last deities fell and we were left with Quarm alone.   Shortly thereafter he too was dead!  Grats all!

Loots (still waiting on people to mail me some SS from the raid):

Time Phased Quintessence - Kraazy
Platinum Cloak of War - Spriggan
Circlet of Flowing Time - Uban
Time Traveler's Abandoned Notebook - Uban
Wand of the Vortex - Zarisu
Hoop of the Enlightened - Zarisu

Busy couple of weeks...

536992319_Inactive, Dec 1, 05 6:42 PM.
After Coirnav fell, the Agency continued it's quest for access to the Plane of Time by venturing to Plane of Earth to obtain the passkey to the stronghold of the Rathe Council.  Once that sidetrip was taken care of, they put full focus into defeating Xegony.

The earlier foray into the Plane of Air had only yielded the key to her abode.  Adventurers gathered to help the Agency and together with almost perfect execution they overcame both Xegony and her guards.  When it was over and she slept, the Essence of Air appeared at her feet. Then for good measure, the Agency called upon Fennin Ro once again.

With all of the other elemental planes conquered, all that was left was to confront the rathe council and the Avatar of Earth.  They once again called out for volunteers to help them in their task and the Knights answered.  The battle was long and not without frustration, but they perservered and once the Avatar of Earth appeared he was eagerly dispatched.

Grats newly Time flagged!!
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