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To not auto attack when you type /assist, type either /assist off or in your EQClient.ini file change AttackOnAssist=TRUE to read FALSE

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Hello, and welcome to The Mages of the Mist website.
Residents of Mithanial Marr since 2000.

Enjoy the site, and see you in Norrath.

Guild News

Further Epic 1.0 Fun...

536943439_Inactive, Oct 22, 04 8:14 AM.

In the last few days, more epic 1.0 fights have occured.   Grats to Shabee on completeing her cleric epic, Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh-Cleric Epic  ...   Woot..   Zordakalicus Ragefire  was a pushover, even though she seemed a bit uneasy before we began....
(Photo: Itrakum)

Grats...  Zappenya completeing his Wizard Epic this past week, Staff of the Four   Super...  Wish I was there for a pic...  At least when yas all went to Plane of Fear....

Grats to the many others which have been moving futher along in their Epic's Quests...  Woot... 

EPic 1.0 Fun...

536943439_Inactive, Oct 4, 04 9:23 AM.
10/10/2004 - A Late night raid into Chardok in the wee hours was a complete success.   The Prince, King and Queen all wend down yealding Epic items to those attending.   Woot...
( Ghagulof Hitting a Homerun....  Zappenya)

10/9/2004 - A few hours in The Hole  locating some Npc's was a blast as Gelgar got Jaeil the Insane to relinquish the Soulbound Hammer.   Later we freed Kyrenna and Caradon in more ways then ya might think, but in the end, the Heart of Kyrenna  and Blood of Kyrenna  was Oile's..  Grats

10/4/2004 - The Mages of the Mist headed to The Plane of Sky  this Saturday...  Island 5 specifically to beat on the The Spiroc Lord untill he mercifully gave up all the epic items we needed this trip...
(Photo: Itrakum)

Grats to Aolanae, Ghagulof, Garnie, and Rastamorgue for getting their Spiroc Wingblade as they work for their Jagged Blade of War.

Grats to Olie on getting the Blade of Abrogation ..   for the SK epic, Innoruuk's Curse.

Extra Grats to Anglewalker on completing her epic... the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh later that night.  Woot another Clickie Cleric....

Special thanks to Kilic for all his work on this day, and to Zappenna for taking the brunt of all of the Lords Death Touchs...  Super Job guys...

Hates Fury.... Does it !!!!!

536943439_Inactive, Aug 31, 04 1:16 PM.
This past Sunday The Mages of the Mist lead by Skelme adventured into Hates Fury.    Being the first time raid in this zone for many, there were many unknowns confronting us as a group.
(Photo: Let them all die ! - Zappenya)

Well all concerns asside, the raid for us was a complete success, as the top LoY zone was no trouble for the 16+ members that made the raid.     Several Named mobs were up which were quickly disposed of, and seveal members are now owners of some seldom seen items.   Congrats to all....

MB Alliance Raid....

536943439_Inactive, Aug 30, 04 7:01 AM.

This Saturdays Alliance Raid attracted 45 members, the largest turnout to date.    With all the Pick-UP raids going on daily on Mithmarr it was nice to see that our first choice of targets: Manaetic Behemoth was still up.
(Photo: Alliance Bustin up a Tin Soldier - Zappenya)

Spliting up into groups the raid force assumed their assigned positions and the order was given to start killin.   We all waited for MB to become targetable and the main event to begin as the ever advancing Spiders were halted.   

Some 6 minutes into this carnage we all “heard the worst” as this endless stream of mini maruaders overpowered one of the groups.   Needless to say, we still need a few more players to get the required DPS needed to keep them contained.  

This was a great attempt with the numbers we had and remember, Next Time He's Toast.... 

Expanding Alliance....

536943439_Inactive, Aug 24, 04 7:15 AM.
Woot !  Just as we get going, the going gets even better.   Welcome to The Elders....    The Alliance now is composed of three guilds.    The Elders, Triad of Destiny and The Mages of the Mist.    We can all look forward to many great joint efforts in the future.

For daily player contact join in the new alliance chat channel...   Alliance:Alliance

Check out our calender of events for upcomming raids..    MB, Grummus or an LDoN raid this Saturday the 28th at 3pm....   Other once a week tentitive raid dates are posted through early October....  
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