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We have a wiki!
Sep 14, 07 11:30 PM

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They're just mercenaries...right?

On the surface, the mercenary company known as the 'Amani Shando' seems to be nothing out of the ordinary.  With a diverse group of skilled individuals that include both the Horde and the Alliance, they travel in tightly-knit groups, working together to accomplish tasks like any other large organization of "Professionals-for-Hire" looking to earn a living with their trade.

But upon closer inspection, something feels a little off...

The motley group claims to work for a broad range of highly specific clients, yet until recently, no one has ever heard of the odd mercenary company.  Even stranger than their name -- a language that nobody appears to know -- is the fact that they almost literally seem to have come out of nowhere. Even among the most notable mercenary companies in Azeroth, they have no recognition and no reputation.  Certain jobs they perform are rarely spoken of and when specific clients become far too inquisitive about their inner workings... they charge outrageous sums that are impossible to pay - as if they were trying to ward away the curious customers with ridiculous prices rather than make a profit.

Stranger still is that not all of the company's members get along, and it appears they are divided between two bosses -- codenamed the Black Lord and the White Lady -- both of whom have never been seen and both of whom place strange markings upon their employees after initiation. Though all who work for the Amani Shando Company pass them off as simple tattoos, the symbols appear to do more than they imply... and don't even seem to be made of ink!

...Nothing quite seems to add up. And all attempts by outsiders to peel back the mask are met with solid resistance to hide the truth.

In reality, behind the facade - their guild, their "company", is a hastily drawn cover-up to hide a secret war between two powerful forces; an epic battle that has spanned thousands of years and has likewise been forgotten by time. And slowly, ever so slowly, it has been drawing more and more people into the conflict until mortals all across the globe have gone from being every day adventurers... to the chosen warriors of a divine being.

…Are you one of them?

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We have a wiki!

Carmine_Rhapsody, Sep 14, 07 11:30 PM.
However, it's pretty sparse right now. Renate's been fiddling with things, and Acerba's tossed stuff up onto the front page. We need more! :D
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