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Welcome to GC
Ghost Corps:

Who are we?
- Strange people who have gravitated together via the wonderful medium of killing red dots. We like killing stuff, we like chatting about random stuff, we like synch dancing nekkid for no reason when the mood takes us. (Not kidding on the last one; I have the pictures. Ahem.)

Are we 1337?
- Er, no, sorry. We do whatever comes up on the decision wheel (a.k.a., "what do *you* want to do?"), but if we can't take whatever it is, it's unusual. We're PVE, also, so we're not taking over Factions.

Why should I join?
- If you're over the age of 18, odd or tolerant of oddness, don't like a lot of pressure, do like helping people out, understand cookies as a medium of exchange, and enjoy slaughtering red dots on various continents, we may be for you!

Who do I contact?
- PM me. My easier-to-spell names are Luna Moth (main account) and Flesh for Lulu (secondary account). Or pm an officer.

We have: full hall and vent. Kurzick alliance. I've got vids on YouTube, but not really "promo" ones for the guild per se (SemaineDeBonte).
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