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Forbringers are now QUANTUM
Oct 31, 02 5:43 AM
Jul 8, 02 1:55 PM
May 5, 02 8:56 PM
Upcoming Events
May 1, 02 9:56 AM
CoM Raid with EoT
Apr 24, 02 4:46 PM

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Check out the new Quests page! New quests will be added in as time permits.

Forbringers are now QUANTUM

Deleted User, Oct 31, 02 5:43 AM.
If you wish to contact any member of the Forbringers of Fate, please go to the Quantum website linked off of the TP webiste. Thanks for visiting.


Deleted User, Jul 8, 02 1:55 PM.
The merger should be close to complete now. Any remaining FoF members should contact a Quantum member to have your guild affiliation changed. Zaarel will continue to hold the FoF title under his alt Leraaz for only a short time longer, so if you have not made the switch, please do so soon. Thanks! And as you have opportunity, everyone please give Daxia a huge thanks and a great big hug for all the hard work she put into the website here at FoF. She did a fantastic job giving us a site we could be proud of! Way to go Daxia!

Join us on Quantum Website

, Jul 3, 02 11:24 AM.
We are slowly going to faze out this website and start using our Quantum site. Please join us at the site here: QUANTUM Be sure to bookmark the site for future visits. Events, forums, and info will all be posted on Quantum site from now on.

Umbral Plains Raid, June 8 at 8:30est

, Jun 6, 02 11:28 AM.
Let's get all of our 48+ players together and raid Umbral Plains this Saturday night, June 8, at 8:30 est. Please sign up on the Events page if you plan on attending. Lots of nice drops in this zone and lots of exploring yet to do in it as well.


, Jun 6, 02 11:12 AM.
Don't forget about the Mistmore raid with Misty Knights this Saturday, June 8, 2002 at 3pm est. Please follow this link to sign up: Mistmore Sign Up
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