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Welcome to Ancient Shadows

Ancient Shadows is a online gaming guild going way back to ancient times.

The current primary games we play are Rift on the European server Zaviel, Wildstar and Neverwinter on Dragon server.


Rift: Nightmare Tide is live

ultraroo, Oct 23, 14 6:36 AM.

Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats

5 new levels, 4 new souls, 3 new zones and lots of new baddies for Rift players.

Drunken Epic Mortal Breakfast Kombat

ultraroo, Oct 20, 14 4:46 AM.
Friday 17/10/14, reset raid in Guildwars 2. 'Reset', for those that don't know, is when ArenaNet reset the weekly scores to zero and each server goes mental in WvW trying to get a headstart on the week with a good early score. Giggles ensued:

The music is a cover version of the ever-awesome Mortal Kombat theme, given a breakfast focus. Om nom nom.

New SWTOR Expansion Announced: The Shadow Of Revan

ultraroo, Oct 7, 14 3:27 AM.
New content, new level cap, new planets to explore. And Revan. Oh yes, Revan.

The expansion launches on 9th December, but if you pre-order by 2nd November you get early access to play the new content starting on 2nd December.

September Dispatches

ultraroo, Sep 30, 14 5:14 AM.
Well, its the last day of September and there's some updates from various games, as well as a teaser or two.


Ancient Shadows are on the "Shatigon" server. Lorial has posted some info on our forums here:

Wildstar: State of the Game

SWTOR: A Deadly Force Returns

Looks like Revan to me but some money is on the Emperor. Also, patch day for SWTOR today, so remember to allow time for patching before you play. Patch notes at


PWE have released the following artwork. Guess who is coming to Neverwinter in an upcoming update:

The Rise of Tiamat

SWTOR: Galactic Strongholds are live for Subscribers

ultraroo, Aug 20, 14 4:11 AM.
Early access for subscribers is now live for Galactic Strongholds.

Schedule for access:

Subscriber Early Access: August 19 – September 15, 2014
Preferred Early Access: September 16 – October 13, 2014
Official Launch: October 14, 2014
Noisy Ruffians...
GW2 borderlands layout has changed since I last played, the new layout is ace :)
Added news feed to home and forum pages :)
SWTOR progress to guild flagship. Up to 4.1m credits so far. Only 45.9m credits to go :D
Douglas Adams. Such mind.
We need a Flagship in SWTOR! Log in and put unused money into guildbank! Cheers braw ta! :D
Checked and you should be able to post Esox.
I cant post on the forum anymore :(
You get a free costume bundle!
So-and-so has logged on!