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Welcome to Ancient Shadows

Ancient Shadows is a online gaming guild going way back to ancient times.

The current primary games we play are Rift on the European server Zaviel, Wildstar and Neverwinter on Dragon server.


Pieohpah is unwell and in hospital

ultraroo, Dec 30, 14 6:38 AM.
One of our earliest members in the guild, Pieohpah, is unwell and in hospital. We have a card for him but for those who wish to 'sign' the virtual card, please visit the thread at

Get well soon Pie.

Elite Dangerous launches today!

ultraroo, Dec 16, 14 10:23 AM.
Pilots, to your ships!

Livestream at 4pm UK time, info on their Twitter feed at

SWTOR: Shadow of Revan Early Access

ultraroo, Dec 2, 14 9:03 AM.
After maintainance completes today, those who preordered Shadow of Revan will be able to access the new content that allows characters to reach Lvl60. Wave goodbye to the old skill system, say hello to the new Discipline system.

Details at

As usual, there's sure to be hellacious whining from those who get nerfed and smug gloating from any underdogs that get boosted.

Rishi, Raiders Cove, Nova Blades HQ

Guild Wars 2: Tangled Paths

ultraroo, Nov 18, 14 10:07 AM.
New content lands in GW2 today:

Rift: Nightmare Tide is live

ultraroo, Oct 23, 14 6:36 AM.

Tales of the Deep: Imaginary Threats

5 new levels, 4 new souls, 3 new zones and lots of new baddies for Rift players.
Noisy Ruffians...
Hey Llirk if you still read this - I got a 2:1 !
Come join me on archeage its awsome, but i get so lonely here on my own ;) Gratz on your new job mate!
Hola Esox, new job (good) has me running. Playing old school Dark Age Camelot but it's running out of steam.
should play wow is awesome again imo ;)
Not massive amounts of change, but fun to play casually. Enjoying it those times I do play :)
Anything changed in GW2? As I read still pretty much same game we left months and months ago
Aye, playing GW2 and SWTOR, but everything has stopped atm for Civ BE :)
playing anything atm Llirk? would be cool to catch up ingame
So-and-so has logged on!