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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 2/16/2009 5:19 AM EST : 2009 Festival of Love ( Valentine's Day ) & Hearts an...
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The Festival of Love event was hosted by HGS and friends on February 14th, 2009. The event took place during the Hearts and Hunks Ball event, which was hosted by Rapture at the Tuhhaya Casino, Riva Dorata, Corellia. Xiane placed storyteller decorations around the casino with the assistance from Rapture and Hashum.

The Festival of Love is a celebration held once a year by the Ewoks on Endor, to honor the kinship and love between tribe members. During the festival, the Ewoks present gifts of their hard-earned food to other members of the tribe to demonstrate trust and acceptance. Camby berries gathered from the cambylictus trees scattered across the forest moon. They are rather tart, so dip the fruit into a chocolate fountain to add more taste. The tasty chak juice is a beverage made from chak, a substance that comes from the Great Tree in the forest of Endor.

As the Ewoks celebrate the Festival of Love, tribe members prepare meals, dance, and sing traditional songs, such as this ancestral chant often heard drifting through the treetops of the forest moon.

Even though the Ewoks live in fiercely guarded tribes, they treat outsiders with warmth. Ewoks are curious by nature, so the chief has opened the Festival of Love to invite outsiders to partake in the festivities.

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