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Miss Z & Zanara (Member) 7/22/2010 12:22 PM EST : Looking to hire City Officials
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I've been on a vacation but now I'm back. During this time two Officers in Tergill has decided to step back, this means that we are looking for new ones.
If you are interested in the job please contact me ( Zanara ) in-game for a meeting so we can discuss the matter.
Down below you can read the requirements for being an Officer in Tergill. I've highlighted the ones that we are looking for.
( For more information regarding Tergill please look here: Clicky )

Requirements for being in the City Council and what it includes:

IC = In Character
OOC = Out of Character
RP = Roleplaying

- Active Player (ie playing at least a couple of times each week).
- Loyalty to the City, it's Citizens and the Mayor(ess).
- Familiar with RP and that you do it at your best (Your post will be an IC job).
- Follow the Rules and Laws of Tergill and supporting them.
- You should be a Citizen in Tergill (ie set residency)
- You are here to help and do a job ICly. When it comes to decisions regarding the City it's the Mayor(ess) that has the final say, of course after discussing matters with the Officers.
- The City Planner takes care of house placements and granting people zoning rights.
- You are Tergill's face towards the world, so think about your behavior. We want our Officials to act Mature and Respectful towards others (Regardless if you're IC or OOC).
- No Hostile Actions towards the City, Citizens or City Officials.


Trading Officer:

- Help new traders in town. Answer questions etc.
- If they want a place to have their vendor(s) help them to place it in our Public Mall of Tergill.
- Make sure that the rules for traders/businesses in Tergill are followed.

Security Officer:

- Make sure that roleplaying visitors follows our rules.
- If someone doesn't have their RP-tag up, let them just pass.
- Always send a /tell in advance letting the person know what it's all about, ie that we are RPing that our laws are followed and are being executed by our Security Officers.
- If they don't want to take part of it, no biggy. Everything should be done respectfully, it's fun RP not forced.
- If a person goes a long with the RP and decides to not follow the rules, they are to pay a ticket of 1000cr and are given a warning. Remember the name of this person. If he/she is cought doing it again, the ticket will be 2000cr. The third time they are arrested and kept in jail for 24 hours (Basement of City Hall is where jail is, ie pretended).
- Attend to RP Events in Tergill and make sure people follow our Rules and Protocol (( Unless you can't due to RL things )).

Tourist & Event Coordinator:

- Keep an eye out if people are looking for a spot to have their Event - Tergill's the spot.
- Help with decorations for events in town.
- Help people that want to have events in town.
- It's good if you're interested in arranging events in Tergill yourself.
- Will have the rights to place Storyteller Props.
- Recruit new Citizens. We want mature RP-friendly Citizens that respect others.
- Look at the forums (SOE and SSG) and see if there are people looking for a new home and talk to them. Keep an eye open.

Landscape Photographer:

- Takes pictures of our fine City and our lovely Citizens.
- Keeps up to date with new things regarding Tergill.
- Post the pictures on our Holosite.


* Remember, Tergill is an RP-friendly City. What's written above are Guidelines to help create an RP-friendly atmosphere. We always have to be flexible and act respectful towards others. For more information about what RP-friendly includes, look at our Holosite.
*Last, RL > SWG.

__-Mayoress of Tergill, Naboo. Coords: 5565 -3655. Welcome!
__-(( Don't text and drive... ))

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