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Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 6/23/2010 1:22 PM EST : HGS "Judgment Day" Trial Plot - Verdict
Celox Scorpio
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The final chapter of HGS Judgment Day plot will take place in:

Fort Keen, Talus - this Wednesday (23rd) @ 10PM EST = 7PM PST.

Here are the recaps of the previous plot chapters:

IC atmosphere for the event:

The Empire is known in its overpowering approach when crowd unrest is possible to occur.
As rumors about a severe verdict for some popular HGS defendants are circulating on the holonet - the garrison security has been significantly reinforced for this trial session.
Given the public nature & media exposure of this ongoing trial, the Empire is unlikely to take any chances as the trial comes to its verdict.

By a direct order of COMPNOR, the Imperial Stormtrooper Command has therefore dispatched a full Assault Battalion directly from its HQ in the Braxant sector.
Accompanied by an Armored Company, the forces are to deploy in Fort Keen – assisting to the local garrison forces to maintain order during and after the trial.

The forces are instructed to use non-lethal force – if crowd control will be due.
In case of any Rebel insurgencies – the forces are instructed to use lethal force.

OOC & IC rules & requests for the event:

For those who will be attending the trial for the first time – the Warden and his CompForce troopers ICly frisk everyone who wishes to enter the court room.
There are also metal & bio detectors in place, which will alert the security should anyone try to bypass anything past the checkpoint.

The rules to get inside the court room are simple:

  • No Armor
  • No weapons (of ANY kind)
  • No gadgets/gizmos (the sort that might facilitate violence)
  • Comms & Eyepieces will be confiscated before entering the court room and returned when leaving it.

Important OOC notice:

I would like to request anyone who wants to plan something for this event - other then simply attending and spectating it, to contact me in advance (please, not during the event).

Generally, although not known (ICly or OOCly) to anyone coming to the event (including HGS members) – there is a planned outcome to the event known only to the GM group (myself, warden, judge, prosecutor, clerk).

In short, there will be an overpowering mass of Imperial ST NPCs to enforce the verdict (i.e. – to prevent all sorts of white knighting, such as - paratrooping rebels into FK; killing the warden; bombing the court; decapitating the Judge; gunning down the entire garrison, or any other sort of IC attempts to disrupt/prevent the trial/verdict).

I fully understand that this type of an event/plot might not be everyone’s cup of tea (due to the set boundaries in RP) – and I respect that.

However, I am asking anyone who plans to attend the event - please respect the fact that a rather large group of players are involved in this, who all worked very hard to get it to this point and will work to create the proper IC atmosphere for it.

Of course, OOC consents for possible ICC (no one really knows which ICC I have picked) are already given to me, so - no worries about that.

I promise that this will be one hell of a show. Mesa Cool

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