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Celox Scorpio (Applicant) 4/15/2010 10:00 AM EST : The Nabooian Royal Ball - April 17th @ 7PM EST
Celox Scorpio
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For Immediate Release:
For the first time ever, her Serene Highness Queen Kylantha, in conjunction with the Royal Court of Naboo will be inviting non-Nabooian's to the famed Royal Ball. The Royal Ball, always presented by the reigning monarch, marks the start of the Nabooian Social Season . This season will be starting remarkably early, with many upper and middle class families of privilege returning from their various vacation homes around the galaxy to Theed and Dee'ja Peak. This year, the guest list seems to be an eclectic mix of nobility, businessmen, politicians, and now many esteemed guests of various ranks throughout the Galaxy.

More information to come!

A few rules!

Absolutely NO armor, weapons, and helmets (unless for health reasons)
No overt rebel actions!


Some FAQs before this thread gets crazy.

How do I know if my character would be invited?
Well, that's pretty much up to you, as said in the press release, this year's Ball is more inclusive than previous ones.

I am an Imperial Officer, would I be invited?
Of course! Naboo has always been an Imperial-leaning planet. While each Nabooian has their own opinions about the war, the Imperials are there watching over them, so overt mean attitudes towards Imperials is discouraged.

I am a Rebel Commando, can I come?
Of course you can! As long as you, 1. Think your character would be invited and 2. Isn't overt about their political views.

I want to do something crazy, what do I do?
Well, dear, I would very much appreciate that you contact me before any actions, it doesn't even have to be prior to the event, as long as you give me a 10 minute or so heads up, I will probably be fine with it  8)

What's security like?
Security will be provided by the local Imperial garrison, even if Rebels control the region, stormies will still be guarding the Palace. It will be just a bag-check kind of deal.

What are the events going to be like?
Good question! I really don't have that great of an idea, I know there will be dancing, introductions and a dinner, hopefully I will get a band to play :]

Sounds fun can't wait!
Good boy, now go tell your friends to dress nicely!


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