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Laryssa Dotan (Associate) 2/2/2010 1:01 AM EST : The Imperial Fair - Sponsored by TFC and The Fuse™ - ...

Laryssa Dotan
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The Imperial Fair
Aventine Spaceport
February 21, 2010
Festivities start at 3pm EST

<<Your Holonet receiver flickers for a moment, then catches the signal, revealing a comely looking young woman in an Imperial uniform>>

"Greetings citizens, and in the name of our great Emperor, Happy New Year!

Fete Week celebrations have already begun on Imperial Center, and recent rumors say that the Emperor himself will appear during the part!  Truly this celebration is already more grand than last year's!

But still more!  There's a surprise from COMPNOR this year when Fete Week and the Imperial Fair come to the Outer Rim Territories for the first time.  The recently pacified Lokian spaceport of Aventine will host Imperial Fair celebrations.  This New Year, you don't have to travel all the way to Imperial Center to join in on the fun!

Rumors from this fair's organizers have indicated that this Imperial Fair will even have it's own version of the Grand Display, allowing people of all ages to learn about their friendly galactic neighborhood and how our great Emperor is helping all planets maintain peace!

Even a great food pavilion will be at this Imperial Fair, mirroring the magnificent eateries along the Glitannai Esplanade on Imperial Center.  The Outer Rim chain 'Tatooine Fried Chuba' will even host an eating contest!  What's more, it has been confirmed that Outer Rim playboy Chiggs Chiggli will act as the judge!
Sources at COMPNOR have also confirmed that the Outer Rim entertainment group known as Holowood Galactic Studios will debut their latest hit song at this Imperial Fair!  As usual, the studiot isn't revealing any details about their latest hit just yet, so the best way to hear it before anyone else will be to hop on a transport for the Imperial Fair!

More surprises await fairgoers of course!  COMPNOR has assured everyone that this is the must-see event the Outer Rim will see this year!  And of course it ought to be!  The Emperor's generosity knows no bounds, even for those on the Rim.  So join us at Aventine Spaceport for the Imperial Fair, to celebrate another year of our Glorious Empire, and our gracious Emperor!"

<<Your Holonet receiver flickers for a moment, and switches again to other Imperial propaganda feeds>>


The Imperial Fair is a canon holiday that takes place at the end of Fete Week, a weeklong celebration typically held on Coruscant to usher in the New Year.  Despite it's name, it is not an "Imperial" holiday.  Rather it is a celebration that began during the Republic, when it was known as the Galactic Fair.  LIke everything, it was renamed Imperial when the Empire came to power.    The fair itself stayed the same however, with all the food, dancing, and fun that a fair should have.

The fair will be an all day event in Aventine, with several events taking place at pre-determined times.  As organization of the Imperial Fair progresses, it will also be open for additions for other events and attractions.  Merchant tents are encouraged to take part in the fair.  To get zoning permission for your merchant tent, send me (Laryssa) a PM/mail/tell/etc.  

An Imperial parade is also a possibility that I'd like to see worked into this event.  I'll be making the rounds talking to the Imperial RP groups about that possibility. 

Some attractions have already been planned for the Imperial Fair, listed below:


The Fuse™ Presents "Imperial Yell" - 3pm EST - 
HGS' performance troupe, The Fuse™, will present their latest show during the Imperial Fair.  This show will kick off the main festivities at 3pm EST.  "Imperial Yell" will be performed on a music and dance pavilion, that will be open for dancing all day.  Other music groups will be welcome to use the pavilion after The Fuse™ finish their performance.  If other groups would like to book the pavilion for a specific time, send me a PM/mail/tell/etc.

The Grand Display - Open All Day - 
According to Wookieepedia, the Grand Display "included exhibits created by various planetary governments".  The Grand Display at this Imperial Fair will be held within a Tatooine Guild Hall.  The 6 rooms in the basement will be given out to groups to decorate as a display to their homeworlds.  Imagination is the only limit for this part.  There can even be groups decorating a non-SWG planet, such as a group of Bothans setting up a display for Bothawui or Kothlis, or Sullustans for Sullust.  It'll be a fun way to show off the canon for your character's homeworld in a IC setting.  To grab one of the rooms send me (Laryssa) a PM/mail/tell/etc.  If I get a lot of interest on this, I'll add some other rooms over the original 6.

The Food Pavilion and TFC's Chuba Chug - 6pm EST - 
What would a fair be without more food than Jabba could eat in a year?  Aventine's three main eateries (Tatooine Fried Chuba, Mr. Bamzo's Burger Bowl, and The Lazy Pirate Restaurant) have teamed up to serve delicious treats to everyone during the fair.  At 6pm EST TFC will host the Chuba Chug eating contest.  Naturally, Chiggs Chiggli will judge the contestants and give out prizes.

The eating contest rules are simple:  The contest will go on for a set amount of time (to be determined).  Contestants will emote their character's participation in the eating contest, such as *gobbles down a Hutt-sized portion of fried chuba*.  The catch is, You may only have one emote visible in spatial at a time, and no two emotes may be identical.  Chiggs Chiggli will judge based on fun and creativity.  Awards  will be given out for the best chuba chugger!

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