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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 8/28/2007 7:37 AM EST : Lona's Cantina Crawls for Dummies
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disclaimer: This is a guide that I compiled from my personal experience and the experiences of others. It is notmeant as the end-all and be-all to Cantina Crawl Event Planning.Everyone is different and may have a different way of approachingCantina Crawl Event Planning.

Hosting a cantinacrawl event takes a lot of effort and work, but the reward is worth it.Whether you're running an this event to promote ATK grinding, yourserver, cities, guilds, or roleplay, planning a cantina crawl eventwill allow you to organize effectively and will help you in getting theturnout you want and most importantly, enjoy the event. 1. Come up with an idea (Research). 2. Determine date(s) & time(s) for the event. 3. Get help. 4. Determine what is necessary to implement the idea (Storyteller props, Live Interactive support). 5. Advertise event. 6. Host event. 7. Follow-up from the event.
  • Learn what a cantina crawl is. Read an interview of Bria.Javier.
    • Watch previous cantina crawls for ideas and inspiration.
    • Read up on advice from players who have hosted cantina crawls.
  • Look at the event reports which highlight players events, and the Events: How To page.
  • Selecta name for the event. Most servers use their server name, i.e. "GorathCantina Crawl". However, some have created their own names that arememorable to that event or to the server.
  • Decide where you want to hold the event: which planets, player cities, NPC city cantinas, starports, theaters, or POI's. Scout for locations.
    • Checkthe area to see if there is enough room for the band / dancers andto see if it's a good place to film. Also, determine if it's a goodplace to light fireworks.
    • Contact city Mayors or cantina owners for possible locations in their cities or cantinas.
  • Decideon the number of cantinas or locations that you want to hold the event.For mini-crawls, go with 3 locations. For a massive server cantinacrawl, go with 4-6 locations. These can be cantinas, theaters, orPOI's.
  • Select a color theme for the clothes. I recommend picking no more than 2 colors. Color inspiration can come from a real world Holiday, SWG planet,or real world season, i.e. red / white / blue for Independence Day.Seasons for color inspiration: Autumn, winter or summer. Check out the the latest color trends.
  • Select a dance prop to hand out during the event.
scout for locations
  • Inormally plan 2 months in advance, but one month should suffice. Thiswill give time for Mayors, cantina owners, and players to schedule forthe event.
  • Plan at least one Crawler'sWelcome Party on your server that you plan to host the event. This isbasically a grinding event or social gathering. This should be on thesame week as the crawl, about 2 days in advance. That will givecross-server visitors a chance to grind, get credits, vehicles, props /instruments and clothes. It will also give a chance for new visitors to met the volunteers, organizers and meet new friends.
  • Determine the starting and ending time of the crawl. Find a middle ground where players from different times zones can participate in. A good time to start would be 1 pm Pacific on the weekends. Keep in mind that Arizona (with the exception of the Navajo Nation) and Hawaii and the territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa are the only places in the U.S. that do not observe DST (Daylight Savings Time) but instead stay on standard time all year long.
    • Determine the time in-between jumps. I choose 30 minutes because it gives people enough time to travel.
  • Create a chain of command: committee of volunteers, helpers and security (to help keep an eye out for griefers).
  • Delegatetasks to band or group leaders. These people are in charge of makingsure their entire group is aware of the jumps. They will also helpto collect names of their group and pass them to the organizer.
  • Delegate tasks to a Head Tailor. You can find participating tailors in the sign-up thread stickies in the Trader (Domestic Goods) forum.
    • The head tailor will delegate tasks to other volunteer tailors. They will help players and cross-server visitors with custom orders.
    • Namethe clothes with a special title, i.e. "Invasion of the Rodians Crawl".This will be a souvenir item for guests to commemorate the event.
    • Be aware of gender restrictions for clothes. In addition, the color palette for Wookiees are limited.
    • Find out what popular clothing to sell.
  • Delegate tasks for volunteers to pass out credits, vehicles or props / instruments.
  • You can also contact an event helper.
  • Contact a film maker or learn how to use recording software, such as fraps.
  • TheHead Tailor will need to set up a cantina crawl vendor about a weekbefore the event starts. This will give cross-server visitorssufficient time to buy the clothes. Put the vendor in the same locationwhere you will host the Crawler's Welcome Party.
    • Set the pricearound 500 credits so that cross-server visitors, who don't have a lotof credits, can purchase it. However, don't sell them for 1 credit orsomeone will buy them all.
    • You can also refer to the tailor pricing scheme spreadsheet.
  • Make sure that the people who decorate the cantinas with storyteller props have militia rights.
  • Use storyteller items. View Storyteller Decorations.
  • Createand join a cantina crawl chat channel. You can send a pre-written guideon how to join it to attendees or announce it in spatial chat duringthe crawl.
    • Type /chatRoom join SWG.Sunrunner.Chat.scc [Replace "Sunrunner" with your own server. "scc" chat channel can be any name you come up with]
    • Or right-click on a Chat-Tab and than click on "Join Channel". Under [Enter Server here] -> Chat, find the "scc" (or whatever you create) to join.
  • Create your own dazzling fireworks. Enlist about 2-3 designated firework launchers.
  • To request Event Support (Pex), follow this Step-by-step guide. **Live Interactive was cut in May 2008 (Time to say farewell)**
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, it is advisable to research the character. Pex will need to follow certain character guidelines. i.e. Emperor Palpatine isn't going to be festive at a cantina crawl. Some of the characters who would enjoy festive events include: Sy Snootles , Bib Fortuna or Oola. Other characters, like Han Solo or Watto, might also be interested in watching the event. A helpful resource for the research is Wookieepedia.
    • If you plan to request an NPC played by Pex, look at the character list. You can also request non-canon characters such as a Pa'lowick.
  • Publicize the event as much as possible. Read the the guide to promoting your event.
  • Post in the entertainer forums since cantina crawls have always been supported by cross-server Entertainers.
  • Post an event announcement on your galaxy forum "Upcoming Player Events" post. This will be posted on the current player events.
  • Advertise your event on fan sites or roleplaying server communities.
  • Create visual ads and post them in the Entertainer, Events and your server's forum.
    • Includerules, if you have any, in the ads. An example of a rule would be ifyou do not want any combat or if holograms are not allowed. This willhelp to eliminate any misunderstandings.
  • Get an internet radio station involved to either give a shout-out for the event or even to broadcast on the day of the event.
  • Advertisein-game. Ask another event host to sponsor your event. Spread the word.Send Emails (Guild Mail, Event Mailing lists, City Mails)
    • Putthe date and time in the subject line for quick reference. This willdecrease the likelihood of tell-hells from players asking youfor the waypoints and time. In the body copy, use the KISS principle (keep it short & sweet).
examples of ads

example of in-game email
  • Use a voice chat program such as ventriloto delegate tasks to your volunteers. During these events, your fpsmight drop very low. You might not be able to move or even type withouta substantial delay. There will be people asking you for directions,waypoints, locations and mails. I recommend not answering tells duringthe event. Have your volunteers take care of business. Your job is tolead the event and play squad leader in the crawl chat channel.
  • Assign a volunteer to record names of attendees. These names can be used in the credits if you decide to film the event.
  • Assigna volunteer to take pictures. Inform them that they will need to removethe User Interface for screenshots by using Ctrl+Shift+H.
  • Assign volunteers to be the security, eyes, and ears for the event.
  • Assigna volunteer to record chat logs (/log). This is entirely optional butwe find it really helpful to read after an event. It gives us a chanceto see tells that we've missed, or have documentation to settle anydisputes that may arise later.
  • Assign a volunteer to take care of griefers. Use these methods: 
    • /report in game.
    • /denyservice if you are an Ent.
    • Write a ticket Without the ticket, /report does nothing. Clearly state how the griefer is violating the SOE's Community Policies, SOE's Terms of Serviceand harassing you and what you have done to try to make him stop.Include any evidence you have, like screenies, logs, FRAPs video etc.
    • /addignore in game. Do not acknowledge their existence. Getting into an argument with them will not solve anything.
      If someone is harassing you to no end, e-mail the Online Community Relations Team at
  • One person will take the role of a leader, announcing the times to jump to another location. During the event, watch the clock.
    • 12:00 pm Organizers and storyteller decorators are all set and ready to start the event
    • 1:00 pm First Cantina
    • 1:30 pm Second Cantina
    • 2:00 pm Third Cantina
    • 2:30 pm Fourth Cantina
    • 3:00 pm Last location POI
    • 3:25 pm Launch fireworks show
    • 3:30 pm After Party (optional)
  • Throughoutthe event, be prepared to welcome late comers. Create a macro withinformation. This will make it a lot easier for you.
example of a welcome message in the chat channel

example of a message to non-Entertainers. They can dance /basic or play a /starwars 1 using the slitherhorn.

exampleof an announcement to "jump" to the next location. You might get a lotof tells from people asking you for the next location and waypoint.

once you announce that we will jump soon, give the message to roll out.

afterthe cantina crawl is over, make sure to remind the group leaders tosend you a mail with their group names in them, and also thank everyonefor attending the crawl.
  • Send a thank you letter to all of those who attended the event.
  • Write an event report and post in the galaxy forum, events, entertainer, fan sites or roleplaying server communities.
  • Tell people how the event went. Post images of screenshots, FRAPs video, and give them the URL.
  • Contact people who run fan sites and pod cast to feature your post event news. You can find these people in the community news forum.
  • Ask for suggestions, feedback, and comments.

Copyright2007, LonaValamari. All rights reserved. All text, content, graphicdesign, logotypes & art work are registered trademarks, copyrightsand property of their respective owners. LonaValamari does not make anyprofit off this design. This is not endorsed by Wiley Publishing, Inc., LucasArts or SonyOnline Entertainment and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Ahnissk (Council) 9/12/2007 2:17 PM EST : RE: Lona's Cantina Crawls for Dummies
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The summer Sunrunner Cantina Crawl was a lot of fun! And I see that you used everything you mentioned here.

Good guide!
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Guppy (SuperAdmin) 9/12/2007 2:37 PM EST : RE: Lona's Cantina Crawls for Dummies
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Guppy Queen
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Thanks Ahn. The event was fun and I want to pass all I know to anyone who wants to run these events.

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